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Thursday, February 17, 2011

King John Key blames the poor for needing food parcels

Food parcel families made poor choices, says Key
Prime Minister John Key says beneficiaries who resort to food banks do so out of their own "poor choices" rather than because they cannot afford food.

Mr Key made the comment when asked in Parliament yesterday about poverty levels.

When Labour's social development spokeswoman Annette King asked about Salvation Army reports of high demand for food parcels, Mr Key responded by saying it was true that the global recession meant more people were on benefits.

"But it is also true that anyone on a benefit actually has a lifestyle choice. If one budgets properly, one can pay one's bills.

"And that is true because the bulk of New Zealanders on a benefit do actually pay for food, their rent and other things. Now some make poor choices and they don't have money left."

He's just a bubble boy in a rich kids world isn't he folks? If a family require food parcels, it's THEIR FAULT for "poor choices", not anything to do with his bungled mismanagement of the economy from a GST tax rise that was supposed to 'turbo charge' the economy which resulted in a $2billion drop in revenue, it has nothing to do with the National Party's bankrupt free market philosophy the direction of which is to now privatize half our assets for overseas interests, oh no, Poor people needing food parcels is all their own fault.

As NZ families line up for food parcels, Key will sail past them in one of his brand new $6million fleet cars wagging his finger at them screaming 'poor choices' as he laughs all the way to the bank.

Will the mainstream media actually focus on this astounding comment or will like his claim that no beneficiaries would starve if he cut benefits or his support for Mubarak just get quietly ignored by the mainstream media? In those two cases the mainstream media self censored themselves rather than criticize their beloved John Key.

Families needing food parcels are blamed personally by the Prime Minister while he glides past them in a new BMW? How is that 'change' feeling NZ?


At 17/2/11 8:31 am, Blogger AAMC said...

It's feeling like the whole country has been lobotomised. Oh, that's right, it has. By the bloody media!

Once even further food inflation kicks in this year courtesy of China, Russia, Australia, Pakistan, Argintina and Mexico loosing their grain crops to extreme weather and fontera's promised price hike and oil at over $100 a barrel, those useless stupid bludgers will find it even more difficult to make good decisions. Their fault of coarse!

At 17/2/11 11:49 am, Blogger Marrock said...

isn't there some letters missing from the start from your title, King John Key, something like Fuc

At 17/2/11 1:51 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Fuck, my family runs one of these, ill pass it along that we can close now and everyone can just 'make better choices'. its the solution weve all been waiting for!

At 17/2/11 4:24 pm, Blogger dave said...

John Key is a selfmade man, courtesy of State Housing, family benefit, free education from kindy to kady, and gratis millions earned at his sweaty desk off gambling on the Kiwi Dollah!! These days his he would be patronised as underclass, demonised as solo parent family, have to fork out fees for for high decile school, run up massive student debt, and then if he survived all that, be crying that he was too big to fail and needed a bail out.

At 17/2/11 4:33 pm, Blogger Badger said...

thats what you get when you have people in power who get everything paid for them by the tax payer
they forget where they came from and dont see far enough to where they are going

At 18/2/11 9:06 am, Blogger snigie said...

johns forgotten his 'roots' te rich scumbag, you have to see the people who are so embarassed to be applying for a food parcel, I wonder what theyd make of his bullshit comments.

Not much this retard says bothers me because its like hes the slow kids and we all just tolerate him but this one really hit home.

At 21/2/11 6:39 pm, Blogger Puck said...

JK say's it's a lifestyle choice who really makes this choice. Hey pull the benefits watch the crime rate go up you may as well put the poor and unemployed in prison thats where JK really wants them.


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