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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Key confirms November 26th as election date

Hmmm, Key confirms November 26th as election date and rules out a coalition with Winston Peters and New Zealand First? Why give away the election date 10 months in advance and rule out a possible coalition partner - do National believe they will get over 50% of the vote and this is his 'all in' poker moment?

Key also signaled a major announcement following a large caucus meeting.


At 2/2/11 2:51 pm, Blogger macdoctor said...

do National believe they will get over 50% of the vote and this is his 'all in' poker moment?

You don't seem to get it, Bomber. Key is just doing exactly what he did in 2008 - neutralizing Winston Peters. A vote for Peters is now a vote for a Labour government. Effectively, he has won back those who might have voted NZF over the foreshore legislation, the ETS, and the anti-smacking bill. Not even the most deluded right-wing voter will imagine that a Labour/NZF/? Coalition would produce a better result. Labour voters will sensibly vote for Labour while they are so low in the polls. Other left-wing voters will go Green or your Hard-a-port vehicle, if you can get it together.

Peters will be left with a few oldies and die-hard Xenophobes - not enough to make 5% methinks.

Without Peters going with Labour and others, it is very unlikely that National will be unable to form the next government, with or without 50% of the vote.

At 2/2/11 3:00 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

I predict Winston Peters will get 5% plus,
It is not a good thing to get a Labour Government, but what has smile and wave done
He has failed basically and fundamentally.
so lets hope he goes back to Merryl Lynch hahah

NZ is in trouble economically,
Our borrowings and financial difficulty escalate by the week.
what does he do, nothing, he does nothing,
sorry yes he does he signs autographs for children,
He refused the 2008 vote against the smacking Bill,
He sucks to the Maori de facto ownership of the foreshore, by saying it belongs to nobody,
Instead he bribes them with our money
He is a weakling PM

At 3/2/11 9:57 am, Blogger fatty said...

"Peters will be left with a few oldies and die-hard Xenophobes"

Exactly, and that accounts for about 50% of the NZ voting public doesn't it?

We can all have a laugh at Winston, but the fact remains that he is a very shrewd politician and wouldn't be running if he didn't see a market.

Since 1999 we've had centrist leaders, they do nothing but fight for the centre with some culturalism thrown in to make themselves feel better. The result is that the majority is happy to a degree, but those on the margins of society (in this case the elderly and xenophobes)are left without a voice...so in steps Winston.

You can dismiss these two groups as irrelevant, but they'll be far from that on Nov 26th, as both have high turnouts on election day.

I'd say Winston will get above 5% and Key knows it. This is the beginning of what will be an extensive, yet subtle effort by National to discredit Winston...because he is National's biggest threat.

And McDoc, the anti-smacking issue has gone, long gone, let it go.


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