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Friday, February 25, 2011

Julian Assange can be extradited

Judge says WikiLeaks' Assange can be extradited
Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden in a sex crimes inquiry, a British judge ruled overnight (NZ time), rejecting claims by the WikiLeaks founder that he would not face a fair trial there.

Assange's lawyer said he would appeal.

When you consider the dirty filthy lengths Bank of America has gone to frame wikileaks...

Bank of America's ill considered cyber war against the hacking non-group Anonymous (who have sided with wikileaks in their desire to keep the internet free of corporate intervention) has to be this years best private sector blowbacks.

The data intelligence firms Palantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies, have all begged Anonymous for forgiveness after they helped to concoct a plan for a coordinated cyber assault against Wikileaks to plant false information about Bank of America so Bank of America could attack it's own disinformation campaign and smokescreen any real criticism of their leaked secrets.

The plan was revealed after members of "Anonymous" hacked the email account of HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr and published its contents of their plans to lie and manipulate disinformation for Bank of America onto the web.

The presentation recommends a multi-pronged assault on WikiLeaks including deliberately submitting false documents to the website to undermine its credibility, pioneering cyber attacks to expose who the leakers to WikiLeaks are and going after sympathetic journalists.

One of those mentioned is Glenn Greenwald, a pro-WikiLeaks reporter in the US. Writing on Salon.com, Greenwald said his initial reaction to was "to scoff at its absurdity".

"But after learning a lot more over the last couple of days," he added, "I now take this more seriously - not in terms of my involvement but the broader implications this story highlights. For one thing, it turns out that the firms involved are large, legitimate and serious, and do substantial amounts of work for both the US Government and the nation's largest private corporations."

...how far will America go to get Assange? Hello CIA rendition.

Julian Assange 0
Matrix 1


At 25/2/11 5:05 pm, Blogger The Jackal said...

Hollow cow batman!

At 25/2/11 10:24 pm, Blogger Tuff said...

Hmmm of cos England will do their masters bidding, ....Its one man against the might of the evil empire, he doesnt stand a chance. How dare he show the world how arrogant, hateful, cold and calculated a nation conducts themselves behind closed doors and in black and white compared to their public farce. "They" could just do whats termed as a "Mordechai Vanunu" and kidnap his ass and hold him indefinately, its not like they've never done that before. That will teach the peasants who is boss and to respect maa auhori-tie!!!Im sure is trial will be "fair and balanced"

At 26/2/11 9:14 am, Blogger snigie said...

Welcome to hell brother, you cant fuck with the man, just wait till you hit the states, those mental fuckers will send you to guantanamo as fast as fuck.
The usa dosnt tourture-great tui ad!


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