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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John Key handing autonomy of NZ over to foreign leaders 'carefully' is an oxymoron

Top leaders welcome to speak in House: Key
US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron or German Chancellor Angela Merkel would likely be invited to speak in Parliament if they visited New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key indicated yesterday.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who arrives in Auckland this morning, will tomorrow be the first foreign leader to speak in the New Zealand Parliament - though not while the House is in session.

The Green Party objected to allowing a foreign leader to speak during a sitting of the House, saying it could undermine the democratic sovereignty of Parliament.

Mr Key acknowledged the Greens' objection but said at his post-Cabinet press conference: "It is something we would be very judicious about and careful with."

The Greens have come in for some unfair criticism by righteously denying the leader of another country the right to speak during a sitting session of Parliament WHILST THE MACE IS PRESENT! You ask, what's that got to do with being rude to our Australian mates? The Mace is our National symbol of sovereignty, only NZers representing NZs interests should be present. It legitimizes the Parliaments right to call itself the Capital and claim Authority and the sitting Parliament is the political heart of the nation, it should only ever beat for NZs interests and decision making process. No one is saying Julia Gillard can't address our MP's in Parliament and give a speech outside Parliament's sitting session, sure she can. we'd love to hear what Julia has to say, but it should never be at the cost of our own time set aside for the running of the country, to put that autonomy on hold for the voice of another leader no matter how friendly, can never be acceptable.

Why was the Maori Party so quiet on an issue of sovereignty this large? I would say that it's almost as if they've cosied up to the National Party, but I wouldn't want to get my membership expelled, so no matter what. it's Hone's fault.


At 15/2/11 10:38 am, Blogger dave said...

Has anybody pointed out that US sec of state Foster Dulles sat in on a National Govt cabinet meeting in the early 50s. That was a true reflection of NZ's lapdog status. Today we have to acknowledge that the Aussies own the farm and that we a bit of a mongrel.


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