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Friday, February 18, 2011

John Key U-turns not knowing about the limos

Govt backtracks on limo statements
The Government has backtracked on previous statements that it knew nothing about a decision to replace its three-year-old BMWs with new ones.

So it turns out that when John Key was claiming not to know anything about the new BMWs, the Minister of Internal Affairs actually wrote to the Minister of Finance on 17 December about the retention of surpluses on the sale of VIP fleet vehicles meaning Key's denials were just him scrambling around to hide the fact that if he didn't know about the deal, then he was supposed to have known about the deal.

While John Key tells us that the poor who pick up food parcels do so because they choose poorly, he will sail past them cueing up for the food bank in his brand new BMW!

This Government telling solo mothers, the sick, the handicapped and the mentally unwell that they all have to go back to work in a 6.8% unemployment environment or face cut backs while buying new BMW's with massage machines built into the car seats to work all that stress in their arses out is now beyond a tasteless joke.

"New BMW fleet value for taxpayer."
John Key Thursday 16th

"New BMW fleet 'not a great look'
John Key Thursday 17th

How's that change feeling folks?


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