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Monday, February 28, 2011

John Key to rebuild Christchurch with smiles and waves?!?!?

Christchurch earthquake: Damage could treble commission levies
Prime Minister John Key indicated last night that Earthquake Commission levies could triple because of the damage caused by the Christchurch earthquake.

What? Let's get this straight, John Key will not do as the Greens have sensibly suggested and introduce a levy on the most wealthy NZers - the ONLY NZers who have benefitted from his tax cuts to rebuild Christchurch, he is instead going to pointlessly lift the EQC levies? Hold on, we've had less than half a dozen major urban earthquakes in NZ, the EQC will be replenished by 2025, why triple those rates?

John Key's desire to push ahead with pointless motorway expansions that are questionable in the best of times now seem ludicrous when the Libyan oil spike is factored in, who the bloody hell is going to afford to drive on these pointless motorways? Surely that cash can be better spent in Christchurch?

It seems John is going to rely on smiling and waving on Letterman and Oprah to take foreign aid, which let's be blunt, deserves to go to much more less developed places around the world than NZ when we have barely asked the most wealthy to do a thing.

The PM does realize how serious the quake is right? Dump the dumb Auckland motorways, stop bludging from the international community and make those who have benefitted most from his tax cuts push their hand a little deeper into their own pockets.

Christchurch needs more than this, and dammit, they deserve better than this!


At 28/2/11 5:46 pm, Blogger sprog said...

Has Shonkey made a donation yet?

At 28/2/11 8:36 pm, Blogger CAS said...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the National Party:

Judith Collins advocating prison rape/violence/both as some sort of natural justice in the case of looters in Christchurch - "I hope they go to jail for a long time - with a cellmate."


At 1/3/11 9:02 am, Blogger nasska said...

CAS @ 8.36pm

That is a very unkind interpretation of Judith Collins' comments. It is fair to say that she would favour long sentences to discourage others from similar looting. The reference to the offenders' cellmates only shows her compassion....a long stretch with no one to talk to, share hopes for the future & provide friendship would be inhumane.

At 1/3/11 1:12 pm, Blogger Brewerstroupe said...

He'll figure a way. He learned it all at Merrill Lynch:

"US investment bank Merrill Lynch had a critical role in the banking collapse in Ireland and censored an analyst's report that predicted the crash back in 2008, it was claimed today.

The US bank retracted a report by one of its research analysts in March 2008 that was negative about the banks after the Irish banks called Merrill Lynch and threatened to take their business elsewhere. It toned the research note down and months later its author, Philip Ingram, left the bank, according to a much-anticipated cover-story in the new edition of Vanity Fair.

And one of his colleagues, Ed Allchin, was made to apologise to Merrill's investment bankers individually for the trouble he'd caused them by suggesting there was still money to be made by shorting Irish banks. "


At 2/3/11 6:35 pm, Blogger Brewerstroupe said...

Here's a straight talking Irishman. Is he talking about our Prime Minister?



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