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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

John Key supports Egyptian Dictator for Israel

It astounds me the self censorship of the mainstream media in this country, on TVNZ's own bloody Breakfast show, here is what John Key said....

Key: It’s a serious situation in Egypt. As we’ve seen, a number of people have lost their lives already. And, worryingly actually, is that Egypt has been one of the few Arab nations that has recognised Israel, in fact the only one. And has been very peaceful with Israel. So, the concern is what that might mean for the wider position in the Middle East. So, a real worry….

Breakfast presenter Corin Dann: I’ll just take you back to that issue of the support for Israel. Egypt has been a very strong ally for the West, which makes this a very difficult situation for the likes of the US, which, I know, has not called for Mubarak to go yet. Where does New Zealand sit on that?

Key: The New Zealand Government wants a peaceful outcome to this. In the end, whoever governs your country is a matter for the citizens. And in the case of Mubarak he’s been there for a long time, 30-odd years. We respect the fact that he has done his very best to lead a country which has recognised Israel and, therefore, has wanted to make sure the position in Middle East has been a peaceful one. It’s not easy, it’s very complex, and there’s a lot of emotion.

Dann: Are you calling for him to go?

Key: No.

Dann: I guess the concern is the Muslim Brotherhood. The potential for an Islamist movement to come in and fill that vacuum. Is that the concern?

Key: Well, the concern is that there are some nations that simply do not recognise Israel. And, taken to the extreme, in Iran, Ahmadinejad has said he basically wants to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth. So, it’s a very serious situation. Egypt’s provided stability and leadership and calmness. Obviously, the hope always being that that position would spread across the Middle East, that it would be possible to broker a two-state solution, with recognition of Palestine as well but this certainly looks like it’s taking things, potentially, in the wrong direction.’

I'm sorry WTF? We are supporting a Dictator that the people of Egypt are trying to over throw because our Prime Minister is concerned for Israel? Since when the bloody hell did we support dictators for Israel?

This Government have sold out our independent foreign policy to side with our 'allies' at any given moment, even when siding with our 'allies' now puts as at odds with the rest of the world.

Apparently NZ only supports freedom and democracy when our Dictator wins.

It is appalling and embarrassing that the mainstream media haven't picked up on this at all, I shall be posting this blog to each News Editor of the main News outlets and ask why they have self censored over Key's comments and I will post their replies or lack of them.



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At 1/2/11 2:45 pm, Blogger San Nakji said...

That's the standard line from western leaders. Democracy is ok as long as the people vote for who we want. Look at Afghanistan and the corrupt regime we support there...

Also, I saw an article on this in the BBC a few days ago. Some mainstream outlets are quite critical of the US position.

At 1/2/11 4:03 pm, Blogger The Real Colin Woods said...

I'm only surprised that anyone is surprised by Key's gutless attitude.

At 17/2/11 7:10 pm, Blogger Jenniferr said...

John Key is (non-observant) Jewish. It's um, not too surprising that he might be concerned for Israel? Also, as one of the few non-Israeli Jewish world leaders, could you imagine the pressure if he didn't frame his answers in terms of Israel's 'situation' or whatever? (Not that that justifies him supporting Mubarak or being a generally pandering arse, but it still bears mentioning)


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