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Friday, February 18, 2011

Government exploitation of disability carers must end

Court ruling on carers' pay could force law change
Health Minister Tony Ryall yesterday said the court decision about disability carers could flow on to teachers and Child Youth and Family carers - presenting the taxpayer with more bills of $84 million and $24 million over the next three years.

All the screams from Tony Ryall of the end of the world being nigh now that disability carers have the right to charge minimum wage for sleepovers is simply the screams of the slave owner being told they have to treat their slaves with some humanity.

Disability carers are doing the most difficult, most emotionally draining, lowest paid work out there, they are the people who are sitting through the night careing for those without the ability to care for themselves, and they are expected to stay the night and get paid nothing!

Government's rely on the good faith of those who dedicate themeslves to that kind of work and then do all they can to squeeze that good faith out of them and bleed them dry with the most appalling of under paid work environments.

I'm glad these people won and vomit venom on Tony Ryall's screams of the angry slave owner .

You pay, you pay now arsehole - don't tell us you don't have the money, you just blew $2million on flash cars that will massage your poor bottom and give each passenger individualized air conditioning options with multi speakers.

Those who work with the disabled deserve a break.


At 18/2/11 10:28 am, Blogger fatty said...

Is it work?...then it should be minimum wage, its so fuckin simple.

Its a shame National considers empathetic behavior as a weakness that has no place in our society.

And now National are scared they might have to spend money on New Zealand's children and vulnerable people...
Stupid teachers and social workers...thinking they add something to this country...they should get a job as a credit analyst at a bank and wear nasty ties.

I'm fuckin sick of National the way they have deceived the NZ public.

Health, education and social development & employment and are the 3 portfolios that are vital to the wellbeing of the poor and subjugated...it is no surprise that National have 2 (incompetent) women and a feminine man as ministers in these areas. National have systematically, yet in a subtle way, degraded these pillars of the poor in an invisible way. You have to give them credit for it, give the public a pretty(?) unoffensive face with a friendly smile, but pick pocket them at the same time.

Its good politics, if you are happy with causing poverty and ruining people's lives.


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