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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dr's scam ACC to force invalids back to work

This scam is breathlessly reported by Simon Collins at the NZ Herald with out any criticism whatsoever...

GPs develop plan to get invalids off benefit
A consortium of North Shore doctors has a radical proposal to use health professionals to help sickness and invalid beneficiaries back to work.

...okay so like the Dr's ACC use to determine that an injury has nothing to do with an incident and is in fact an 'existing condition' so that they don't have to pay you, a 'consortium' of Drs in the apartheid state of the North Shore have worked out this amazing tactic of getting the sick back to work, you will laugh so hard when you read the mechanics of their scam.

For $50 extra, the Dr spends a mere 15minutes longer with the patient and finds in that mere 15minutes any reason for the invalid to work and magically at the end of that 15minutes the Dr has determined the invalid is 'fit' for work and is forced off ACC into work in a 6.8% unemployment environment.

It's so ugly and venal I'm surprised the NZ Herald didn't run it full banner on their front page with accompanying Editorial sucking deep and hard on this latest attack on the vulnerable.


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