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Monday, February 14, 2011

Citizen A - ONLINE NOW!

THIS WEEK: Deputy Mayor of the Auckland SuperCity, Penny Hulse & Tweeter David Slack...

Issue one:
Rodney Hide threatened to bring down the Government if Maori were allowed to elect their own SuperCity representative, yet has allowed up to 38 unelected Maori appointees onto as many as 19 Committees costing $3.4million. Is Rodney Hide secretly a member of the Maori Party?

Issue two:
Fresh faced right wing Counsellor Cameron Brewer attacks Len Brown as a hypocrite for catching the train while his Mayoral car gets driven to work. Is the push for public transport defeated by this attempt to politically castrate Len or do Aucklanders still want their trains?

Issue three tonight:
First week of Parliament and John Key is promising welfare cuts and boasting about public service job loses - how will this Government help Auckland?

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DON'T FORGET: Citizen A Nikki Kaye and Jacinda Ardern Debate 31st March - Stratos available to all on Freeview from 1st March


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