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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Shock

After a long night, managed to contact missing friends and hear that family are safe, 38 are 'officially' dead rather than the 65 stated yesterday (although this seems to be a technicality rather than a ray of light) thankfully dozens were pulled from the rubble overnight. The sheer scale of the destruction and lives lost is still bewildering and surreal to a place we all know and have walked.

Already the stories of friends who have lost people are surfacing and cause a counting of blessings, but I honestly wonder if as our second largest city Christchurch will be the same after this, the over riding feeling from talking with people is a deep mistrust of the ground under their feet, and I wonder how many will be planning on a life beyond Christchurch.

The coverage by TV and Radio alongside social networking media has meant a seamless merging of the immediate and real time with proximity to the event in a way that impacts so many more by including everyone as reporter/witness/survivor.

What a dreadful time of it Christchurch has had to endure, NZ is weeping today as the cold grey of daylight breaks across the broken garden city.

Civil Defense number 0800 779 997


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