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Monday, February 07, 2011

Camp John Key a smile and wave too far?

Key: Catwalk mincing 'a bit stupid'
Prime Minister John Key has admitted he was a bit stupid to mince down the catwalk during the unveiling of Rugby World Cup volunteers' uniforms last week. Mr Key modelled the uniforms and camped it up for the audience by mincing down the catwalk.

What is he bloody doing? Right after announcing the largest privatization agenda in a decade propped up by debt arguments so weak they make Hone's relationship with the Maori Party look solid, our Prime Minister then hops on Veitchy's show to produce the weekly MILF report while making cringe worthy camp performances at the Rugby World Cup volunteers' uniform launch. You are the Prime Minister John, not some wacky reality TV celebrity!

Is it too much to demand that he answers questions about our economy going down the toilet and what he's going to do about the 6.8% unemployment rather than tell us who he thinks is hot in the over 40's market and how straight men think Gay men mince?

Key vows to deliver more jobs this year
Prime Minister John Key yesterday called for voters to maintain confidence his Government's economic plan will deliver more jobs this year in spite of a bounce in unemployment which Labour says is further evidence the plan is flawed.

Okay, why should we maintain confidence in this Government when it comes to jobs and the economy? Bill English claimed his GST rise to subsidize tax cuts for the rich (NZ'S 700 millionaires walked away with a $1000 extra per week) would - what were the words folks? 'TURBO CHARGE THE ECONOMY' what exactly did that GST rise create? A $2 billion dollar deficit that English intends to make up with cuts to welfare.

John Key claimed his bike track would create 4000 JOBS - how many gave been created for this goat track to Mordor for the SUV hybrid mountain biking clique? 200 jobs. How can we take him seriously at Job creation when his promise of 4000 jobs only yields 200?

Why should NZers remain confident over this Government's handling of Jobs and the Economy? All Key has is his smile & wave political capital and that's been built by only doing two controversial things in 2 years, the first was attempting to mine conservation land, the second was to lie about not raising GST. The National Party are betting that Key's smile and wave political capital is enough to win an outright majority in Parliament so they can finally act like a FPP Government and ram through whatever right wing fantasy they want.

And what about this investment Key intends to make from this privatization? Into more irrigation in the South Island? You more mean infrastructure investment into Dairy who continue to steal and pollute our diminishing water resources in the South Island?

That's what we are selling our assets off for? South Island Dairy Industry interests? Surely allowing Bill English to have a dirty lignite production facility in his own electorate to power his Brother's Federated Farmer's industry cheaply was payment enough by the National Party for services to be rendered from the Dairy Industry?

Why on earth are we funding a monopoly who benefit from our collective pristine environment yet do some of the worst pollution damage while we pay sky high prices for their products? Why must the Dairy Industry receive even more corporate welfare while social services are slashed?

With his announcement of a vast privatization agenda to gut NZ of their assets, National are now hoping the gullibility of NZers holds up the smile and wave political capital by avoiding real critical media with pap media.

National plan to glide like the PM mincing down the runway to electoral success.


At 8/2/11 8:08 am, Blogger Nethanderal said...

What Key did reminded me of the sort of bullying that some straight men and women dole out to gay men, especially camp gay men. He was aping how he thought that gay men act. It wasn't part of who he is and was a poor imitation of a drag queen. I thought what he did was embarrassing and disrespectful.


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