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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boot Camps don't work (again)

Offender 'boot camp' outcomes kept secret
The success rate of Government "boot camps" for New Zealand's worst youth offenders is being kept secret.

The Boot camps set up to deal to NZ's worst youth offenders in a spate of tough on crime empty gestures which generally turn out to have a counter productive outcome rather than deal with the blatant issues of poverty involved that National brainfarted out in their first bout of legislation won't release their figures that show the boot camps outcomes.

Whoa there, why not? Why won't the Boot camps release their outcomes? How many of the worst youth offenders stopped offending? We know Boot Camps don't work from plenty of overseas academic research, which lots of people brought up when National announced this get touch on youth crime crap in the first place.

Could it be that there is more offending going on with fitter offenders? Shouldn't social policy be evidence based rather than conservative kneejerks?


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