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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Someone tell Cameron Brewer he works for Auckland, not Wellington!

Someone has to send fresh faced right wing councilor Cameron Brewer a dictionary so he can look up the word 'symbolism', and after checking that definition we can use the dictionary to bash him around the head with.

The fresh faced right wing councilor has attacked nice Len Brown over his catching the train while Len's car gets driven to work. The claim is Len is a hypocrite for catching public transport while having his car driven to the Mayoral office, what a load of bullshit. What it does mean is Len gets to experience the same frustration, annoyance, overcrowding, crap service our Trains really are, when quizzed if he actually shares that experience, fresh faced right wing councilor Cameron Brewer muttered about catching the bus now and again. Will the Herald on Sunday sit outside fresh faced right wing councilor Cameron Brewers house all week to see if he actually does or do they only do that for Len?

As an Aucklander, I want my Mayor to share the same frustration of the public transport experience, the way he did when he twittered that he was late because the train wasn't working again. That shows me that he gets it, that when he argues for the electrification of rail, he bloody well means it. As for fresh faced right wing councilor Cameron Brewer, pretty boy is following National Party attack lines to denigrate Len so it blunts Lens demands for more infrastructure spending.

Newsflash to fresh faced right wing councilor Cameron Brewer, you work for Auckland, not Wellington!


At 8/2/11 1:44 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Len's fucked this up. He might not be a hypocrite as such for this stunt, but people can see it for what it is. Not a lead-by-example, but a stunt. Leading would have been to dump his car (and driver) as a sacrifice to show that you don't really need one and that there are other options - but that ain't happening. If Len was serious he would get his chauffer-driven limousine to go pick up three other council staff and they can use it for car-pooling - that would have made more sense than having no-one in it. If it was only for a week to experience the train system then what Len is doing is fine, the Mayoral limo can do what it is doing, but if this is meant to be a permanent arrangement then no thought, political, ecological or budgetary has gone into this. If symbolism is what is important then it would be throwing away the Mayoral car keys that would count for something rather than buying a train ticket.

The major problem that has limited the rail system and prevented public transport investment is the idea that to use public transport you must have private transport. That is what the northern busway has done with their giant carparks... you are supposed to use cars in order to complete your travel. This is the worst thinking, it permits short-cuts and undermines a decent service with decent coverage. They have made public transport dependent on cars - it's insane. Len is part of the problem when he does his morning PR session on the trains. He's clogging up the train while his limo is clogging up the roads - it's a bad look now we know the circumstances.


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