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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch eliminates any debate on Welfare State crucifixion

UPDATE | 2:40PM: Just got the picture of the Cathedral. This is a symbolic as well as a sustantial loss - it is Chch.Just leave, get out. While we mourn (what may be fatalities, as reported, but unconfirmed as confirmed by Police) and wish the best for all the injured (and there may be many, many injured), and hope people can rebuild their lives, I have to say I've always regarded Chch as a bit shit. It was shit before the 7.1 earthquake, even shittier following the big after-shock, and it is now two rungs below shit. There will be an exodous, the population of the city will shrink. You can't live a stable life on top of a quivering jelly. —TS --UPDATE ENDS]

UPDATE: 3.50pm Reports of huge structural damage across the city, hundreds trapped in buildings, reports of many casualties, multiple after shocks, Pyne Gould Guiness building have reports of multiple people trapped. This is a major disaster. Still haven't been able to contact friends. City has run out of ambulances.

UPDATE: 3.56pmThe Maori Party have just canceled Hone Harawira's membership, is it too cynical to suggest they picked the largest natural disaster in NZ to decide to announce that?

UPDATE: 5pm State of Emergency declared for whole area of Canterbury. Entire suburbs of Brighton and Lyttleton declared unlivable, There are reports of Sumner cliffs dropping into houses and Lyttleton cliffs are crumbling , the tunnel is shut and may have had damage to it. Triage centres set up in Latimer Square and Sydenham Mall

UPDATE: 7.20pm 65 confirmed dead

Huge quake strikes Canterbury
BREAKING NEWS: A huge earthquake has struck Canterbury with witness reports estimating it was bigger than the one which struck last September.

The Welfare razor gang will be thanking their Gods for the massive earthquake that has just struck Christchurch. Goodbye any debate on the crucifixion of the NZ Welfare State.

No details on damage from Christchurch yet. I've texted friends and family there, I hope they are okay. Christchurch has been hurt terribly this year.


At 22/2/11 1:47 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...




they have broken our hearts

but they won't break our will

At 22/2/11 2:10 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

goff's still there

At 22/2/11 2:50 pm, Blogger Tanya H said...

Judgement perhaps? Because NZ has become godless these days, with sin rife. (I suppose this comment will get binned). NZ is under judgement, the signs are all there.

At 22/2/11 4:02 pm, Blogger Mike Ramsay said...

Yea Tanya - The aftershock is gods punishment for all that sinful gay sex, disgusting divorce and worst of all... Those blasphemous Muslim immigrants.

Grow the fuck up.

At 22/2/11 4:12 pm, Blogger Tanya H said...

Calm down, MR. It was just a thought, dear me. We are all entitled to them.

Best wishes to the people of Christchurch, by the way. Kia Kaha/God Speed.

At 22/2/11 4:43 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

Every night on Talkback for weeks and even months afterwards, people from Christchurch kept complaining of the aftershocks which seemed unprecedented.Something should have been done a royal commission of inquiry to decide whether to evacuate the CBD (or the whole city if it comes to that)at the very least.Tim seems to think along similar lines that the city should have been abandoned.

At 22/2/11 5:31 pm, Blogger Doug said...

Tanya if it is god punishment then why all the damage to the church's.

Bad aim?


At 22/2/11 7:06 pm, Blogger Dr Syn said...

The loss of life is terrible...

Maybe it is time to find a a new location to build a city?

We could call it NEO-CHRISTCHURCH!

As an Aucklander I await the day it we become Pompeii II: Pompeii Harder. But will I strike a Vogue, Jazz hands of Devil horns pose as my final act on the planet?

At 22/2/11 8:27 pm, Blogger SeaJay said...

Andrew Geddis commented at The Standard
22 February 2011 at 4:44 pm

They haven’t kicked Hone out – simply recommended that the Maori Party’s National Committee do so (it is the only body that can take this action). But, as I’ve noted over at Pundit (and Mike Smith subsequently echoed on this site), the National Committee has to make its decisions by consensus … and there are up to 4 members from Hone’s Te Tai Tokerau electorate on the National Committee. So any one of those members (or a member from any other electorate) could stymie this by saying “no”.

May not be game over just yet.

At 22/2/11 11:29 pm, Blogger fatty said...

"Judgement perhaps? Because NZ has become godless these days, with sin rife. (I suppose this comment will get binned). NZ is under judgement, the signs are all there."

Fuck you Tanya....seriously, fuck you.

People died in the cathedral today (some Christians, no doubt), their bodies may still be there. My grandma is in hospital and we are supposed to thank Jesus for that?

You are entitled to have thoughts, but you shouldn't be able to share them if that is what they are.

Surely if your God exists he would have sent his earthquake to India or Pakistan where there are Hindu's and Muslims?

I have respect for all religions, you can believe what you want...but you are a nasty piece of work.

I feel sorry for anyone that knows you.

At 23/2/11 9:06 am, Blogger Brian said...

Hey Martyn , thanks for the condolences mate and yes the Welfare Working Group better convene here and try their bullshit out on us Cantabrians that have just been to hell and are still rocking and Rollin through the devastation.
Thanks for all the wishes of safety and sincere thanks to those bloggers that have been amazing through this .
I would however like to thank the awesome work by volunteers and rescue personnel for their diligence and determination over night and for the weeks ahead.

Please NZ , put the differences aside and if you can spare a thought for those NZers that died so tragically at their workplaces


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