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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I would vote for a New Left Party

John Key is visionless vision for a passionless people. The greatest gift of democracy is secular redistribution and its promise is that your child will have a brighter future than your own, this Government intend to reject those social functions for a repressive state the benefits of which rest with corporate elites.

By implementing economic Darwinism as welfare on the most vulnerable in society while borrowing for tax cuts, our optimist prime King John Key, one of the wealthiest political leaders on earth, effortlessly converts our 'she'll be right' egalitarianism into a casual fascism, the violence of which will fall most heavily on those communities utterly ignored by the mainstream media.

The 'unpeople' of NZ won't matter because their articulation of pain will be drowned out by the rugby world cup, crime porn and cooking shows in a time of poverty. Paula Bennett's pogrom will not interrupt normal broadcasting, the revolution will not be televised by a mainstream media who spent more time last year on the life and death of a psychic octopus than critically evaluating National's policies.

The illusion of the hyper consumer culture and neoliberal financial structures it requires to justify the constant rape of our environment leading to increased global warming is a lie we can no longer afford to believe in, and that's why we need a New Left Party to galvanize other political party's away from managing to challenging.

That's why I would vote for New Left Party.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

The time is now.

New Left Party list
1: Sue Bradford (co-leader)
2: Hone Harawira (co-leader)
3: Matt McCarten


At 20/1/11 9:18 pm, Blogger Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Bomber

What about a Left Maori Party

Think about it - if the policy reflected the agenda of, say, belief in tino rangatiratanga, belief in support for the disadvantaged, belief in kaitiakitanga and belief in equality and the party vote reflected supporters of the beliefs, then the number of seats would reflect that. They would hold the balance of power and they would provide representation for many who feel lost under the current system.

There is no reason that maori could not represent that constituency. But i'd imagine a party that many could support on the ground - it's about inclusion not exclusion.


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