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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why are we giving the SIS more powers in secret?

Report into Wilce's appointment finds SIS failure
The Security and Intelligence Service failed to follow basic procedures when it granted a security clearance to Stephen Wilce, the former director of defence technology, Prime Minister John Key said today.

Look, I appreciate that large chunks of NZ love smile and wave John Key, he sells aspiration to you in the same way a piece of cheese on a stick slightly out or reach aspires the rat to keep mindlessly running on the mouse wheel.

I appreciate that.


Come on, why the Christ should any of us allow the bloody Secret Intelligence Service new powers that will be given to to them in secret?

SIS Amendments - “We Do Not Need to Know.”
Keith Locke, Helen Kelly and Nicky Hager will be joining forces in Wellington on Tuesday, 1st February, to discuss the expanded powers of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) that will be rushed through Parliament in the coming month.

John Key introduced the SIS Amendment Bill in the House just before Parliament broke up for summer. Submissions close on 18th February.

“It gives little time for public discussion, but that's what Key prefers,” said Anna Cocker from OASIS, the group organising the meeting. “Key wants secrecy about this Bill. He does not want public scrutiny of it.”

Why should the SIS who are so incompetent that they couldn't even do a basic CV check on a fantasist they gave a top security level clearance to in the NZ military be given expanded powers that will be granted to them in secret?

* That the SIS did not check with its counterpart overseas agencies to see what they knew about Mr Wilce. This was contrary to standard practice in cases where the application for a securing clearance had worked overseas;

* That the SIS did not follow up on Mr Wilce's failure to disclose convictions once a police check revealed that he had convictions; and

* That the SIS did not record or follow up on information received on Mr Wilce after the announcement of his appointment.

Come on, I know John Key smiles and waves, but you can't be this stupid NZ?

Can you?



At 30/1/11 11:06 pm, Blogger Graeme Edgeler said...

Key can only get "secrecy" on the Bill if the Greens agree.

The Bill has passed a public first reading debate, and will have to pass a public second reading, committee stage, and third reading.

The Security and Intelligence Committee may hear some evidence in private, but once it tables its report, this evidence becomes public, and the people present can talk about what was said.

At 31/1/11 7:51 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Always good to have you on the site making apologies for the secret services of the powerful Graeme, I enjoyed the work over Chris Trotter gave you and your attempt to delegitimize any Political party other than National to form a Government under MMP.

At 31/1/11 10:37 am, Blogger Graeme Edgeler said...

You may have missed Chris's and my mutual apologies.

You may also have misread my piece as defending the objections to coalitions of runners-up rather than trying to recognise and understand those objections to enable parties likely to want to form such coalitions to be able to do so without arousing a public backlash. Trevor Mallard figured that one out, Bomber.

And you may have missed the point of my above comment.

I am letting you and everyone who reads this blog know that the Government simply does not have the power to do this in secret. Every select committing, including the Security and Intelligence Committee is prohibited from holding secret hearings unless every MP on the Committee agrees. If there are secret hearings on the SIS bill, it will be because Kennedy Graham wanted there to be secret hearings. Tell him not to agree.


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