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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Save the St James Len

Review gives new hope for decaying theatre
The potential refurbishment of the St James Theatre - once one of Auckland's premier venues, but now sliding into decay - has received a boost from Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

Mr Brown has commissioned an update of a 2008 study into the city's theatre needs.

Auckland Lord Mayor Len Brown declared a war on graffiti last week as number 8 I think of his 100 things he's going to do as Mayor, meaning he's short by about 92 things, pity protecting art deco villas couldn't be one of those 100 things.

What about the St James Len?

You need a project you can holdup to Auckland in time for the next election to say 'I have made my mark' - the electrified rail loop will take 7 years, you need something before then, that something could be the regeneration of the St James.

If TVNZ can rescue a heritage site like Petra Baghurst, surly the Auckland City Council can save the St James.

The St James is the architectural equivalent to Judy Bailey, and who amongst us would let Judy Bailey collapse within herself due to a lack of structural integrity? None i say, come on Len, lend a hand and at least save one building during your possible one term reign.


At 13/1/11 8:28 am, Blogger sdm said...

Re the "art deco" villa's

As a local, the sooner those buildings are removed the better. They offer no value whatsoever to the village. They need to go.

At 13/1/11 2:40 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"surly the Auckland City Council can save the St James. " - a freudian slip there Martyn?


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