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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ronald McDonald is straight?!?

McDonald's accused of homophobia in Wi-Fi service
McDonald's is being accused of homophobia after it blocked gay websites from its new free Wi-Fi service at its restaurants. People trying to access the lifestyle website GayNZ.com discovered they could not find the site, among others, and the website challenged the fast-food giant - which offers free WiFi access in 132 of its restaurants nationwide - to review its access policy.

McDonalds have been accused of homophobia because their free Wi-Fi service won't connect to gay.co.nz or rainbow youth. McDonalds responded that they are a family restaurant so only allow family friendly content. Apparently you can't eat meat a couple of grades higher than pet food around gay people.

This all leads to one simple question, Ronald McDonald is straight? Really? He looks like the 7th member of the Village People.

McDonalds seem to think that homosexuality isn't family and because they are a family restaurant, the two combining would be akin to the mixing of anti-matter with kryptonite. What a bizarre way to offend 10% of their customers. Perhaps Pink Burgers, a new gay friendly fast food chain needs to open?


At 11/1/11 3:56 pm, Blogger Cannalyzer said...

Alright Bomber, calm down the righteous (lefteous?) hyperbole for just a second.
From what I understand they have implemented a filter that requires some adjustment, and they have stated they will adjust it accordingly. Let's give them a chance to fine tune it before launching into another of your rants.

At 11/1/11 7:24 pm, Blogger llew said...

Nowhere in that Herald story does it say who is calling McDonalds homophobic. Gaynz.com only mention the issue to note that McDonalds is removing the blck.

Beat up.


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