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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pro Gun Congresswoman shot in an act of homicidal irony

Democratic politician Gabrielle Giffords was shot through the head in Arizona last weekend and the blame game was immediate.

Some held up Sarah Palin's Facebook site which used gun targeting language and had a target site image over Giffords home state, while others claimed the Daily Kos proclaiming 'Giffords is dead to me' after she failed a professional left legislative test was just as inflammatory.

The gunman himself claimed the misuse of the english language was his reason, and by doing so took grammar nazi to a whole new level.

Everything was to blame except for the ludicrous handgun culture in America, where the gunman bought his ammunition from Wal Mart and where guns can be purchased with more ease than buying a lotto ticket.

In the United States of Trigger Happiness, gun deaths claimed over 50 000 lives in 2000 and accounts for over half of all suicides. Arizona, the State Giffords represented was debating this year to allow handguns onto college grounds.

American's and their bizarre handgun fetish is a cultural hangover from the Souths fear of slave rebellion and is defended by an obvious misreading of the Second Amendment which refers to the bearing of arms by a state militia and not semi-automatics for Grandma.

Whanau, if the answer is more guns, you've asked the wrong question.


At 13/1/11 9:57 am, Blogger scrubone said...

I was under the impression that gun control in the states has consistently lead to higher gun violence.

I'd be interested to know if you have data that says otherwise.

The reason is that making them restricted or illegal simply takes them out of the hands of criminals. Being "pro-gun" in the US means you refuse to leave the innocent defenseless.

At 13/1/11 2:47 pm, Blogger Armchair Warrior said...

The cultural hangover is more to do with taking up arms agaisnt an oppressive Government (the British in the war for American Independence)than slave revolts. But hey when you want to slander the Land of the Free any old smear will do . . .

At 13/1/11 7:01 pm, Blogger scrubone said...

Should have read your ending!

A pro-gun democrat once told me that the big reason why guns were so popular was that a former soviet official admitted that the fact every citizen was armed was a major factor in the soviets concluding that an invasion of the US would never work.

Also, your claim that the second amendment is misread is disputed by the supreme court, and the rather obvious fact that you can't have militia as the founders knew them if no one turns up with their own gun.

But feel free to dig up that data.


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