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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Maori Party have Stockholm Syndrome (why they will dump Hone)

Watch your back Rodney

Harawira says party must handle the truth
THE MAORI Party's firebrand MP, Hone Harawira, pleads guilty – to telling the truth. "If telling the truth is a crime, then I plead guilty," Harawira told the Sunday Star-Times. "But isn't honesty what people want from their MPs?"

After receiving Rodney Hide in Hong Kong, Cathy Odgers desperately explains why the Maori Party's constitution can save Hone. Why? Because ACT know that a Maori Party minus Hone is exactly what National are demanding of the Maori Party now as they nervously eye up this years election. National know even if Rodney wins Epsom (a huge IF), the damage Garrett caused the Sensible Sentencing Trust and ACT means they will not get anywhere near 3.6%, in fact ACT may get no one other than Rodney in, meaning ACT are extra political baggage they don't need.

ACT need Hone in the Maori Party to use him as the bogeyman, if Hone is expelled, they don't have that bogeyman, National want Hone out of the Maori Party because they know ACT can't give them the votes and National will need to rely on the 'mana enhancing relationship' with the Maori Party to govern. This also serves to make the National Government look more moderate than they really are which helps with the privatization agenda they are about to adopt while the Maori Party will be bought off with Private Maori Prisons and a privatized Whanau Ora program.

Let's be clear, Hone told the truth, National ARE anti-envirnment, National ARE anti-worker, National ARE anti-benneficary and for these self evident truths the Maori Party are going to kick him out. They have hired Mai Chen for crying out loud to do the knife work, she's charging the Maori Party what? $15 000? $20 000? $25 000? You think the Maori Party are going to throw away that kind of cash for another failed attempt to move Hone?

Sadly the Maori Party are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and it won't be until after this election that they could be freed from the thrall they are under from the National Party.


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