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Monday, January 03, 2011

John Key to extend NZ soldiers killing civilians for oil

Afghan tour could stretch on
The Defence Force's 140-strong reconstruction team in Afghanistan may be there a lot longer than first thought, Prime Minister John Key has indicated.

One of the first decisions for the Government this year will be to look at the provincial reconstruction team (PRT) as well as a proposed extension for some of the SAS's deployment to Kabul, due to end in April.

When the SAS aren't charging NZ's elite corporates $500 a day to play soldier and aren't handing prisoners over to well known torture units they are now murdering Afghan civilians, perhaps we should start asking why the NZ SAS are in Afghanistan?

There are two reasons, the first is that National have sold our independent foreign policy down the drain to side with anything America and Israel do, the second is for oil. The invasion of Afghanistan has nothing to do with freedom and democracy, it was always about oil.

In 1996, the Wall Street Journal declared the Taliban, "are the players most capable of achieving peace in Afghanistan at this moment in history"., this was because they had just defeated the American armed Northern Alliance who had just ended their 4 year 50 000 dead rampage thanks to America walking away without disarming their most fervent anti-soviet fighters (hilariously Osama Bin Laden had been given $4 billion in which to fight the USSR).

This praise of the Taliban proceeded a massive attempt to win over the Taliban so that America could build a vast oil pipe line that enables them to tap into the huge oil fields of the Caspian Sea. Taliban were flown to Washington and wined and dined by George W Bush Snr and entertained in Housten by senior executives of Unocal who offered the Taliban fifteen cents for every thousand cubic feet of gas pumped through Afghanistan.

In 1998, Unocal's Vice-President for International Relations, John J Maresca told a Congressional inquiry that "by 2010, Western countries could increase oil production to 4.5 million barrels a day, an increase of more than 500% in fifteen years". His appeal was for a regime that could guarantee that increase.

At first America did all they could to provide such a regime, Unocal signed a 'memorandum of understanding' to build the pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan via Afghanistan, it did this on behalf of Enron, Amoco, BP, Chevron, Exxon and Mobil with the deal makers being none other than Dick Cheney and former Defence Secretary James Baker.

The deal went sour when two American Embassies were bombed in east Africa and Al Queda were blamed. The September 11 attacks provided the perfect pretense to invade Afghanistan under the flag blinded claim of 'freedom and democracy'.

This war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with freedom and democracy, it has to do with securing America's never ending belief that they and they alone have the god given right to take oil resources from any part of the world under whatever pretext they need.


At 3/1/11 9:12 am, Blogger Whaleoil said...

Uhmmmm...Bomber...hate to tell you this but there is no oil in Afghanistan.


In fact there is more oil in Timor Leste than in New Zealadn and you were quite happy for our troops to go there.

No matter how much you rant about it there is simply no oil in Afghanistan unless you mean hash oil. And no matter how much you try it was Helen Clark's Labour government and Phil Goff as Defense Minister who sent troops to Afghanistan.

In fact Wikileaks information shows that Goff was very enthusiastic about sending the troops to Afghanistan, so enthusiastic he also wanted to send additional troops to Iraq. More Blood for Milk presumably.

At 3/1/11 9:22 am, Blogger Whaleoil said...

Oh and you will point to the pipeline as if that proves your point.

Except you forget that as they have no oil production yet consume more than 5000 bbl a day they need to import oil at or above those quantities.

Considering Afghanistan is landlocked then a pipeline is the ONLY alternative.

In fact every country surrounding Afghanistan has oil fo multiple pipelines would be possible. However Iran is problematic and Pakistan has its own issues, making the former Soviet republic much more amenable as well as geographically better to run pipelines from.

That said in order to complete you global conspiracy rant any pipeline to get oil to Amerika will need to go through Pakistan to get to the sea....that is quite a feat that is nowhere even remotely being feasible making your conspiracy....well kind of deflated.

At 3/1/11 9:41 am, Blogger Bomber said...

It's the oil pipeline Cam, not oil production in Afghanistan that America is after, hence my post

At 3/1/11 9:45 am, Blogger Bomber said...

On 24 April 2008, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan signed a framework agreement to buy natural gas from Turkmenistan. The intergovernmental agreement on the pipeline was signed on 11 December 2010 in Ashgabat.

At 3/1/11 10:54 am, Blogger dave said...

Its a pipeline called TAPI and its now the main justification for the US/NATO invasion. The US is working towards doing a deal with the Taliban to ensure the defence of the pipeline.
Do some reading whaleoil you are just a pipeline for US imperialist shit.

At 3/1/11 12:29 pm, Blogger Whaleoil said...

Hmm... Pakistan, India and Afghanistan....there is an "A" in there and a "S" but I can't see a "U"....and it says natuaral gas not oil...so again you are still fact free on the assertion that the pipeline is for the USA....in fact that pipeline is for the internal energy consumption of Pakistan and India and Afghanistan.

At 3/1/11 2:34 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

If you guys are so shit hot, how come you can't put in a link to your evidence?



At 3/1/11 5:51 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

News stories described the LRAD as a sonic weapon that fired a beam of sound?

At 3/1/11 10:03 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

The Caspian Basin Whaleoil, I think you'll find the region is resplendent in energy, Natural Gas and Oil... but the Chinese will get the gold while America plays with it's drones to appease the electorate that have been whipped into an Islamaphobic frenzy to help justify this escapade.
On pipelines...

On the Fear Factory..

On al-Qaeda....

You're having a laugh aren't you Whaleoil??!! Oh no it's democracy, like the one they support in Pakistan and the one they've exported to Iraq or the Dictators they propped up in South America it's all about eh!

At 3/1/11 10:06 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

p.s. you post a link to the C.I.A website as a credible source of open information about American Foreign Policy, you really were taking the piss eh!

At 3/1/11 11:36 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

On the point of whether we should be using US Government sources like the C.I.A. link in relation to our knowledge of Afghanistan...


Exert below..
'On their first day of class in Afghanistan, the new U.S. intelligence analysts were given a homework assignment.

First read a six-page classified military intelligence report about the situation in Spin Boldak, a key border town and smuggling route in southern Afghanistan. Then read a 7,500-word article in Harper's magazine, also about Spin Boldak and the exploits of its powerful Afghan border police commander.

The conclusion they were expected to draw: The important information would be found in the magazine story. The scores of spies and analysts producing reams of secret documents were not cutting it. '


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