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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's not the hair colour that's died, it's the quality of the mainstream media

The attention on Phil Goff's hair colour by the mainstream media purposely shifts the focus away from his announcement of the first $5000 tax free policy yet they can't be uncritical enough of John Key's plan to flog our State assets off. Key could eat a kitten live on Close Up and the NZ Herald would still blame the kitten for being delicious.

My Grandfather, my Father and I have paid for those assets that John Key wants to flog off! Why should Mum and Dad investors buy shares in something they already bloody well own! We are talking assets with a combined value of $11.75 billion, and earn NZers $700 million a year. Debt-servicing cost 1.22% of GDP in 2010, we don't have a debt servicing problem and in the worst recession since 1929, NZers are looking to the State for the type of protection and State intervention that the banks who were part of the problem scrambled to for protection.

Why is it that the powerful who were partly responsible for the crash can be bailed out and protected while the most vulnerable who had no hand in its creation have to do with less minus any protection?

Austerity measures don't work, the UN only last week pointed out that Austerity measures could drag the global economy into a double dip recession and of the $300 million per week we are borrowing, $120 million of that is for the tax cuts that benefit the very same wealth class Key now wants to sell our public assets off to.

If you are not angry, you are either not paying attention or are watching TVNZ.


At 26/1/11 5:38 pm, Blogger Viv Goldsmith said...

Love it! The kitten wouldn't only be delicious it probably would be made to carry the blame for all society's ills!


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