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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's the Kitchen Table vs the Water cooler election

John Key sells aspiration, that is his charm. In a hyper consumer mass marketed culture he sums up the perfect illusion of the rags to riches dream that acts as the forever out of reach cheese on a stick to a rat in a mouse wheel.

That $10 extra per week plus the 15% off fruit and vegetables WILL impact on those kiwi's currently sitting around the kitchen table trying to balance the weeks budget. Add $15 minimum wage increase, add better funded social services to deal with the extra numbers requiring aid and we have some progress.

I'm all for more and for fighting for more, but those policy advancements are advancements. John Key's sale of 49% of public assets we already own for the equivalent of 10 months borrowing on the other hand is an intellectually bankrupt cluster fuck that has to be tackled head on.

Sweet Jesus, Standards & Poors are looking to down grade us because of our PRIVATE DEBT, not the bloody Governments debt. We only spent 1.22% of GDP in Debt-servicing in 2010, the debt bogeyman to justify flogging 49% of our assets off will lead to even MORE money going overseas which will only exacerbate that problem.

Key wants this issue to be discussed around the middle management water cooler with knowing nods and sage 'got to make the hard choices' hubris as if that justifies making the same privatization mistakes again at a time when free market theory has imploded. Goff wants to discuss the issue around the kiwi kitchen table to those whom are bearing the brunt of the recession, his challenge is to get that message through to an electorate fed hair dye stories by the content decisions of News Editors more focused on light entertainment than holding the powerful to account.

It's the Kitchen Table vs the Water cooler election.


At 30/1/11 6:52 pm, Blogger dez82 said...

All fair comments. But, when you take into account that the fractional reserve banking system makes our money worth a pinch of shit, it doesn't matter if minimum wage was $20 an hour, little Johnny and the other bullies in the playground would still have more than everyone else, we'd just be trying to figure out if we should pay $7 for 1 litre of milk or $12 for 2 litres. The problem isn't whether we have enough money, it's the fact that the rich will always have most of it, and through powers of accumulation, are able to control it's value to the peasantry.


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