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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gerry lied over manufactured crises at the Hobbit

Minister misled us on Hobbit, says Labour
The Labour Party is accusing a senior minister of being in contempt of Parliament, saying he misled the House when The Hobbit movie project was under threat of being moved overseas. Labour MP Trevor Mallard has written to Speaker Lockwood Smith asking him to investigate Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee for his answers to questions at the time ministers were negotiating with Warner Bros executives.

Now that Peter Jackson's emails have been released through the Official Information Act showing Peter state that the Actors boycott WAS NOT IN FACT the reason Warner Bros were threatening to pull the Hobbit, it's time for the Political fallout to begin.

NZers were mislead and played so John Key could politicise the issue and turn NZers against the Union movement. Gerry Brownlee lied to Parliament when he claimed it was the Actors Unions fault when he knew full well from Jackson's email that wasn't true.

Where is nasty little anti-union bashing Russell Brown and his aesthetically left Public Address now?

Robyn Malcolm and Helen Kelly were denigrated for nothing more than asking for their basic human right of collective bargaining and of course the 26 000 Union protesters who marched on the Monday before the manufactured crises erupted were denied any coverage of their genuine complaints against this Government.

NZ got played. Played by Peter Jackson who wanted his precious, played by Warners Bros who used this as an excuse to increase their taxpayer subsidy, played by a mainstream media who turned on the unions and played by a Prime Minister who saw this as a chance for political gain by being as divisive with the Unions over The Hobbit as Robert Muldoon was with ant-apartheid protesters over rugby.

Gerry Brownlee must be punished for misleading NZ.


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