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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fit for a Twit

You did something wrong today, yesterday and the day before that too. And I tried after a minute and then after two minutes - and three and four - each time and you were still sorry and I still couldn't make a fucking tweet. If you keep dicking us around with what should be as simple as sending a text then it becomes worth the effort for someone else to offer the same sort of service - only a version that actually works - and then Twitter will be as popular as the telex and as dead as morse code.

That "I just can't be fucked with this shit" moment is nearly upon us.

If they can't get their shit together to: 1) get a few characters of text and the basic function of sending it made compatible with all browsers, and 2) stop having random outages that make Baghdad's power supply look reliable; then they are doomed and all their multi-billion dollar valuations and revenue projections will be wiped off the books as fast as they were dreamed up.


At 12/1/11 4:57 pm, Blogger dave said...

Its called twitwithdrawal Tim.


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