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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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THE WAR ON NEWS: In this weeks political media crimes against reason kill zone

Pro Gun Congresswoman shot in an act of homicidal irony

White supremacist gang member claiming welfare is greatest gift to Paula Bennett since Glasson's leopard print mega sale

Old Family labrador who messes on the carpet gets New Years Honours

Plus this weeks wank-o-the-week, sex in the Super City,  media hell and the Barack Obama people’s hero of the week award

The War on News 2010 – NZ News Satire on Stratos Sky 89 10.30pm Tuesday & simulcast on Freeview 21. Replayed on Triangle TV 9.45pm Wednesday and posted online at Scoop.co.nz as their Weekend Watch.

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At 16/1/11 3:49 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...



Everytime I hear Nirvana Smells like teen spirit or the debut album Ten by Pearl Jam I am transported back in time through my photo albums to Surry Hills off Oxford St.To the Foresters pub.

There is no doubt in my mind that since that was nearly twenty years ago, that is how long it has taken us to catch up over here with them repeated ad nauseam on the Rock!

But Bummer won't acknowledge that he is really that far behind even though the age gap and technological gulf or digital divide is wide.

Get benny they say but benny has served beer in pubs with gypsies selling dope saying, as I put down run with the hunted by Bukowski behind the bar to say, he is a gypsy like me, he doesn't want to hear anybodies stories.

Benny pashed Charlotte Dawson at a friends wedding called Maria as they sang Ave Maria in Sir Ed's chapel.

Benny was there when Lady Di drove past a Mayfair lane in the back seat.

Benny asked the bobby on the beat about how could the homeless survive the bitter winter cold as he rode the streets on his ten speed.



At 16/1/11 6:16 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

But this is America. Much of the soul-searching has instead focused on
whether the inflammatory rhetoric generated by the increasingly bitter
political and cultural divide somehow contributed to the tragedy.

At 17/1/11 11:39 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

Sun, Jan 16 20.00 trn-newstalk-zb-akl.asf



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