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Monday, January 31, 2011

blue + green = green wash

Drive for 'green growth' initiatives
The Government has set up a group to advise on "green growth" initiatives.

I'm sorry what? I laughed so hard at this over the weekend, the National Party forming this group to advise on 'green growth' is like Geoege W Bush forming a group to advise on bombing for peace.

This is a Government who wanted to rape conservation land with mining based on lobbyist valuations that were a joke using a false Eden Park analogy.

This is a Government who dumped 100% pure as a tourism brand to water down the criticism that we are environmental hypocrites.

This is a Government who stole the water rights from South Islanders so that they could hand over more water rights to Farmers who pollute and filthy our clean streams.

This is a Government who want to privatize our state assets so that they can take the money from assets we collectively own and hand it over to the Dairy industry for MORE irrigation for MORE cows for MORE pollution.

And this is a Government who are allowing Solid Energy to build a lignite production facility in Bill English's electorate to power his Brother's Federated Farmer's industry cheaply yet we have 1000MegaWatts of wind power and between 360Megawatts and 630MegaWatts of hyrdro power yet to be tapped into, so why, oh why would we use the dirtiest, filthiest 18th century technology for the 21st century?

That this Government are now trying to cover themselves in the bluegreen cloak to hide their environmental vandalism is a joke only the slow would believe in.


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