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Monday, January 03, 2011

3 policies of a new left wing Party

Real Democracy in Aotearoa
1: An immediate increase in benefits as recommended by the Alternative Welfare Group

2: $15 minimum wage

3: Pull NZ troops out of Afghanistan

A new conference is being planned for February, details to be announced soon.


At 3/1/11 11:03 am, Blogger dave said...

I'm pretty sure these are already Green Party policy and I wouldnt call them very left.
You need to put up much more historic workers demands like, jobs for all, a living wage and benefit($15 an hour aint); affordable housing for all costing no more than 25% of income; fully funded health and education; and to pay for it (which will be the big question) tax the speculators, parasites and employers who profit from the work of the vast majority, and if they go on strike (which they will floating off to the tax havens and Hawaii) expropriate the bastards.

At 3/1/11 12:21 pm, Blogger James said...


At 3/1/11 6:10 pm, Blogger petulantpacifist said...

Considering that a new left wing party won't be able to get the support of the churches (judging from McCarten's performance), it's likely to be just going after Green votes, and so it doesn't really make sense to have the exact same policies as the Greens.


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