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Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Petra and Corin will work on Breakfast

New Breakfast hosts confirmed
Petra Bagust and Corin Dann will be the new hosts of TVNZ's Breakfast show, replacing Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell.

Dann has been filling in on the show as a frontman since Henry resigned in October and Bagust will replace Wetzell, who is going on maternity leave after today's final show for the year.

The worst kept secret in television was confirmed during a live broadcast of Breakfast's final show of the year this morning.

The move marks the end of a 14-year relationship between Bagust and TV3. She first found national fame as co-host of the network's Ice TV in 1996.

I actually think this partnership will work. For me the State Broadcaster has to do more than just provide entertainment, for the correct functioning of a democracy, it must actively hold the powerful to account while explore issues beyond the headlines. Where Paul Henry fell down was that he used the State Broadcaster to do the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do, rather than break down those stereotypes, he reinforced and laughed at them.

While Paul's insinuation that only white people could be 'real NZers' meant he simply could not stay on, the last show of the year did play some of his highlights which was fitting as Henry could be a genuinely funny broadcaster, pity about the casual racism.

Some will cry that Breakfast is just entertainment and that it shouldn't be taken so seriously, I disagree. This year John Key quietly dumped his interviews on bFM, Kiwi and RDU while having his people censor questions during radio interviews on ZB. The ten minutes weekly on Breakfast with the Prime Minister IS important because in so many other media areas he has completely shut down any debate.

Corin Dan is a good interviewer. His stint as host certainly showed that he would challenge Key during their interview (it was the first time I'd seen Key look uncomfortable on Breakfast) and he has been good on the economy. He will be a good interviewer in an election year.

Petra Bagust is the new Judy Bailey and thank god TVNZ saved her from that abomination @Seven. Petra's no slouch and her 'What's really in your food' series has shown she can do public broadcasting style TV with class. Their teaming up shows that Generation X are finally getting some respect at TVNZ.


At 21/12/10 5:20 pm, Blogger franky said...

Henry could be a genuinely funny broadcaster,are you the next apologist? franky says


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