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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Was Steven Joyce attacked by Thomas the Tank engine as a child?

Lee gets stuck into Joyce over rail tunnel project
Auckland Council transport chairman Mike Lee has made a caustic attack on the Transport Minister on his blog for refusing to accept the case for a central city rail tunnel.

Case findings from a $5 million study commissioned by KiwiRail and the former Auckland Regional Transport Authority predicted a $2 billion tunnel in central Auckland would pay for itself more than three times over.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce yesterday said the report had raised "many unanswered questions", which needed to be clarified before taking the project to the next level.

Why does Steven Joyce hate trains so much? The Minister of Transport who caught public transport for the first time a week after he was appointed Minister of Transport seems to hate all things public, especially mass transit.

This all leads to one question, was Steven Joyce attacked by Thomas the Tank engine as a child? What else could motivate someone to hate public transport so much other than getting groped by the fat controller as a teenager? Perhaps, we just need to accept Steven Joyce hates public transport, (and by extension hates Auckland).

Whanau, when you are sitting stuck in the hell hole that is Auckland traffic wandering why you aren't going anywhere, think of Steven Joyce setting a toy train alight as a toddler.


At 1/12/10 1:50 pm, Blogger Fantail said...

Why don't he and his "aspirational" govt realise that big-boy cities - oh, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, New York, Montreal to name ones I've visited - rely on public transport? Akld's a long way of even being Brisbane - what happened to his agenda of keeping NZers in NZ? You can't have a super-duper super city without good public transport.

At 1/12/10 8:52 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

Fantail, lets you pay for this multi billion dollar adventure and not New Zealanders general. Aucklanders work out the costs , double that, and see if you want to go ahead with this political nightmare.
Sydney and Paris and New york are bigger than Auckland Fantail, mnore tourists more everything, but who cares, you vote and pay dude not me.

At 2/12/10 8:15 am, Blogger sdm said...

The other issue is the fact that Auckland is such a big city geographically, with little population density. Consider people can live in Whangaparoa, Pukekohe, Piha and Kawakawa Bay. So right there you have a massive area. Also we dont all work in the city. There are comercial hubs - Penrose, Albany, East Tamaki etc, and people often travel from all corners of auckland to get to their place of work.

We looked at my wife catching a bus to her work. It would take 1 hr 40, cost $10.80 and involve three buses. Why - because we chose to live where we do, and she doesnt work in the city. Plenty of Aucklanders are the same. She drives to work - 25 minutes.

Its all very well to wank on about public transport, but I have never seen a plan that would work in auckland.

Say you live in Howick. And you work in Penrose. You would have to bus to newmarket and then out again. But you cant build a network that connects every suburb.

At 3/12/10 9:05 am, Blogger lehrbuch said...


The reason that it is, apparently, so expensive and time-consuming for your wife to use public transport is that Auckland's public transport is currently shit.

The fact that it is currently shit is an argument *for* investing more money in public transport.

Why can you not build a network that connects every suburb? That is what interchanges are for. Have you ever actually used a proper public transport system.

At 3/12/10 11:19 am, Blogger sdm said...


But with only 1.2 million people, it would be uneconomical to do what you suggest

At 6/12/10 9:44 am, Blogger Denis Tegg said...

But what Joyce (and Rod Oram who sparked the debate) fail to even mention is that we will have fewer vehicles on our roads, not ever-increasing numbers.

see http://oilshockhorrorprobe.blogspot.com/2010/12/staring-down-barrel-of-oil-shortages.html
for some further caustic comment on Joyce's ignorance


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