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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Slash, burn and privatize

So after the deficit came out at $1.9billion worse than predicted because private sector profit margins evaporated, Bill English tells us he'll make it back from Welfare slash and burn strategies, we'll be taking out of the mouths of the most vulnerable to shore the accounts up.

Great, I bet the weakest members of society will love that, what with Paula Bennett's 'get a job or lose your welfare' letter sent out to end on Christmas Day, this will enthusiastically have everyone looking for employment in a 6.4% unemployment rate.

So what else other than taking from the vulnerable will National be up to? Why its slash, burn and privatize...

Govt signals further round of cuts
The Government yesterday signalled a further round of belt tightening in the public sector next year as the bill for the Canterbury earthquake and a slower than expected recovery continue to take its finances deeper into the red. However, Labour says deep cuts to government spending while the wider economy is struggling would be a "disaster", causing "enormous social distress" for little gain.

Treasury ready to advise on privatisation options
The Treasury is sitting on advice to the government about options for selling state assets, and is just waiting to be asked to produce it for the Cabinet to consider. At a briefing yesterday, the head of Treasury's Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit, John Crawford, said Ministers "will need to consider Treasury advice on SOE ownership soon", given its promise only to promote asset sales after campaigning on the issue before an election.

...the labour lite National is over, it's full bodied creamy National who represent the interests of the rich who are competing for the 2011 election, NZers will have a clear choice over what 'change' they really get after 2011 now. You can vote for the 'change' that funds the corporate elites (whom don't tend to have a very good track record of looking after your interests) or you can vote for the 'change' that directs that wealth to the people.

All National have to offer is a vulgar economic Darwinism. I believe and demand that the State can provide better than that.


At 8/12/10 7:51 pm, Blogger Mark Wilson said...

Bradbury is a genuine moron - Labour spent the money ensuring the poor became welfare dependent and now the money has run out he thinks things can continue as usual. It's over dummy - the wealth creators are withdrawing their capital and expertise as they cannot stand the waste any more - the poor will suffer. Well done labour!

At 8/12/10 10:17 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

I guess you missed that Wall St thing Mark Wilson. And your referring to people as morons.

How is it that people fail to understand, that once you sell something, you've sold it. And the money you got for it runs out much quicker than you'd hoped, and you no longer derive any value from it, cause you sold it. Seems pretty simple really.

I know, we should sell our banks.... oh fuck, we've already done that, I know, the rail...... what, that too? What about the water, that could be a good one!


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