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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The SIS needs rushed through new powers held in secret like NZ needs another arsehole

Spooks at the Rugby World Cup
Laws allowing spies to intercept text messages, snoop on computers and track people online will be pushed through Parliament before next year's Rugby World Cup. The move has brought accusations that the Government is passing laws behind closed doors.

Rugby World Cup used as excuse to give the SIS new powers - what's a bigger threat to the World Cup? Osama Bin Laden or drunk Rugby fans?

Brothers and sisters, rushing new powers for the secret intelligence service through Parliament in secret is due process without the due or the process. We already have the Government about to give the Police and 70 other state Departments vast new powers of surveillance and now John Key wants to expand the SIS in secret and none of this massive erosion of our civil liberties gets the sort of attention by the mainstream media that the life and death of paul the psychic fucking octopus managed to generate.

Brothers and sisters, the Secret Intelligence Service needs rushed through new powers held in secret like NZ needs another arsehole. In 2 years John Key has overseen the largest dismantling of democratic oversight and erosion of civil liberties this country has ever witnessed, but apparently that's not considered news worthy enough by our mainstream corporate media.

NZs love affair with John Key is justifying a 'no questions allowed' type of hubris to dangerously obscure any real scrutiny of state power, if you continue to plant the seeds of a Police state, don't be surprised with what grows.

Welcome to the right wing Kumera Republic.


At 7/12/10 8:55 am, Blogger Jonathan Bell said...

Kumera Rouge, anyone?


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