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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Q+A review

Q+A - 110 200
The NATION - 32 620

The Nation
Someone from the PR department finally got back to me to tell me that The Nation's season was over (brilliant PR). It will be interesting to see if NZ on Air will fund them next year and if the NZoA demands that The Nation will only get funding if Paul Holmes is the host are true???

I'm shocked and surprised that my invite to their end of year party seems to have been lost in the mail by The Nation.

It's the wrap up panel show with that right wing female political commentator (I forget her name, she's awful), Mike from Labour and Catherine from National. Paul Holmes has been given a pair of red glasses to make him look younger and less right wing than his Union bashing this year would suggest.

Paul says we are not angry in NZ - bullshit. NZ is angry, it's just not represented by your TV channel!!! TVNZ spends more time on Paul the psychic octopus than any real examination of this right wing Government.

Although half of NZ say they are worse off because of the GST rise, Paul shrugs and says it don't mean jack shit. His wealthy arrogance is the sort of hubris the Government are in danger of.

They give Simon Power a fucking pat on the back with his conveyor belt of cheap justice and pushing for these new surveillance powers - unbelievable!

They are pretending this Government are not radical, hilarious. Jesus i forget how blind the corporate media are.

What a crap wrap up year show - btw the War on News will wrap the year with an awards show, 10.30pm 28th December and Citizen A will wrap the year with a panel predictions show on the 30th December at 7pm.


At 5/12/10 6:48 pm, Blogger Muzza said...

Kia ora Bomber,

A very thought provoking post however;

1. I do not think Jim Anderton has a future in Politics. The man's on his final legs.

2. Liala Harre is well and truly yesterdays girl. A new left party should represent a new generation rather than recycled politicians from days gone by.

3. Helen Kelly would be a good choice for any left leaning party. She has strong working class credibility, a willingness to work with the other side of the political spectrum and a readiness to take a fight to the government. She also lacks the recycled feeling of Bradford, McCarten and Harre too.

4. Local certainly does rule. "All politics is local" essentially and nothing but a grassroots effort will get a left wing government onto the treasury benches.

5. A new left and right party will more than likely push Labour to the centre to occupy the gap National would vacate in an attempt to fend off a new right party. Labour loves nothing more than to be conservative and there would be little room for any left wing policy as the Greens play to urban liberals, a new left party would play to the working poor (encompassing social justice issues and Maori self determination issues), the Maori Party would embrace Maori issues and NZ First would represent protectionism.

6. The Maori Party would be unaffected by a new left party. Maori do not give their party vote to the Maori Party. Their electorate seats are fairly safe.

7. ACT is gone burgers.

8. NZ First may receive the protest vote of disgruntled National supporters.

9. I am not convinced that there are enough left leaning voters in NZ to support a new left party, the Greens, Labour and arguably the Maori Party (despite their voting record their base is left leaning).


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