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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Parata crowned

The PM has announced that Hekia Parata, the Nat's new Maori 'princess' is going to be a made man today. One good showing in a by-election - for a first term MP - and she's in Cabinet already. That's quite some promotion. It took Wong decades to get to the top table - Parata all of 2 years.

There will likely be a few wannabes with a few years more experience quietly fuming over this. Because the slot Parata occupies - the ethnic/other female position in Cabinet - isn't entirely merit-based (obviously - Pansy Wong) there's not a lot the ones who think they deserved a promotion can do about it. Everyone is aware that down that end of the Cabinet list there is a bit of window dressing and a necessary colouring of what is still very much a white old boys club. However Parata is a confident player and a competent pair of hands and the expectations of replacing the Nat's old Maori 'princess', Georgina Te Heu Heu, looks a certainty. I imagine list-dwelling Te Heu Heu will retire at the election, but at the moment there are three Maori women in the National Cabinet and that's an improvement on what we are used to.


At 9/12/10 2:50 pm, Blogger Wingate said...

Pure puppet. I tested her and all I saw was a shallow puppet. When an MP backs away from a question about cover-ups and corruption you know you have another hopeless MP. No use to the public and the people expecting a duty of care will flow will be let down. My guess is she will be all about self-service brown nosing. In other words- all about her gain. Very poor service indeed and very sad to the economically sick NZ.


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