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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pansy Wong HAD to resign

Wong inquiry 'inadequate'
Fresh revelations about the business dealings of Sammy Wong have raised questions about whether he and his wife, Pansy, the former Cabinet minister, misled an independent inquiry. Mrs Wong quit Parliament yesterday after weeks of speculation about her activities while on a taxpayer-funded trip in 2008.

So we now know the report John Key used to cover up for Pansy Wong was an absolute whitewash, the claim she did no wrong and was just little silly with the rules simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Labour were right to challenge her initially (despite the Prime Ministers personal attack against Pete Hodgson) and to continue challenging her and her hovercraft door to door salesman husband.

Pansy had to walk the plank because Labour were getting new leaks about Wong using taxpayer funds to further her husbands business deal every day.

So why was the report Key called for such a whitewash?

Strategically speaking, the by-election for the National safe seat of Botany is March, the next budget that will slash and burn NZ will be peculating then and National will be ready to go to the polls on the back of the by-election for an early election if the by-election result and momentum is strong.

As for this ....

Key plans for November poll
A November election seems certain after the Government rejected an early poll following the loss of its second MP to scandal in two years.

...i hope for the left that Watkins is right, a November election will allow the full impact of the next economic downturn to sink in and the full implications of National's privatization agenda and welfare cuts to sink in.


At 15/12/10 8:37 am, Blogger sdm said...

With a $15 billion dollar deficit the public will be demanding significant expenditure cuts. I worry for my child who will have to fund the excesses of our refusal to live within our means.

The left's solution is just to take more of peoples money. But there are no ideas for making New Zealand productive, they dont want to mine, they dont understand that business and the private sector are the ones that create weath and jobs, its just tax tax tax.

You have advocated that the government borrow more. You want higher deficits. That would lead to a credit downgrade, higher interest rates, debt servicing would go up, mortgages would go up, rents would go up, the country would sink.

The country needs to create wealth. we cant afford everything that the last government did. We are living well beyond our means.

2011 is the most important election in 20 years. It will be very very nasty.

At 15/12/10 8:56 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh it will be nasty scott, listening to the greedy boss man right wingers like you bitch about more while the weak and the vulnerable have to do with less.

Listening to greedy boss man right wingers like you support the deregulated, low tax, free market that handed billions to even more greedy maggots at the top who crashed the global economy while those who are on the bottom have to do with less will anger those being asked to sacrifice for your dogma scott.

The thing that is the cherry on the top of this shit cake, is that you have the audacity to blame the left for the short comings in your free market dogma Scott.

2011 will be the most important election in 20 years and the right will make it very, very, very nasty,

At 15/12/10 9:10 am, Blogger sdm said...

Fortunately it looks increasingly likely that the right will win. I really hope the left keep writing off Key as a light weight - and I hope this new left wing party emerges because they will be an obvious target.

The left can be very easily defeated by simply asking how they intend to afford things.

Then hopefully the government can stop being moderate and do the things the country needs

At 15/12/10 9:39 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Wow scott, I don't see how any of this has anything to do with Pansy Wong, but you seem to be trolling extra hard today.

What amuses me most about you Scott, is that is was YOUR low tax, deregulated free market dogma that caused this collapse, and yet you want more as the cure? You sound like Roger Douglas, and Jesus does that sounds sad.

All you and National have to offer Scott is economic Darwinism. That you consider the harsh measures National have already implemented as moderate says more about your political pathology than it does about how all the other NZers who are doing worse after the GST tax cuts feel.

Sure if you are one of the 650 millionaires who received an extra $1000 since October, you are skipping to the bank, but while they skip I see people on the bottom getting treated much harsher. We know what recessions do to communities (it is how our suicide rate tripled last time), to slash those public services for people who had nothing to do with the crash, especially when those services are needed most is pure political spite.

As for your little childish taunt on the election result, the coming economic downturn means the election will be much, much closer than you are pretending. Regardless of winning or not, fighting for those with the least voice against welfare cuts because of a neoliberal inspired collapse of the global economic hegemony is a fight worth fighting for.

Beneficiaries dropped from 15 per cent to 10 per cent between 2000 and 2008, and have only increased to 12 per cent in the current recession. Using that as your justification to slash and burn is political, nothing else.

Your economic Darwinism should be deplored for what it is, I believe the State can be more than that and is essential in creating a regulated environment that rebuilds the trust capitalism needs to truly thrive.

At 15/12/10 9:51 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh and how about you just tell us all how NZers living on these amounts are living on the pigs back Scott?

single 19 year old on unemployment benefit: $161.76 per week;

married couple on sickness benefit: $194.12 per week;

sole parent on DPB: $278.04 per week;

married couple on sickness or unemployment benefit: $323.52 per week.

At 15/12/10 10:23 am, Blogger P said...

Scott's got a point about living within our means. But if he cares about his kid he should step away a bit from capitalism. Now is the time to create a fair society, establish technology that is durable, which requires investments. But hey, in the end, money is only a mental construct. As well - to get back to topic - we would need to get rid of pocket-fillers that don't serve the people they represent. But then, from a pragmatic perspective the Wongs had a good synergy going: doing a government job while attending to business in the one trip is pretty efficient, maybe we expect a bit too much of these people.

Bomber, you seem to get highly energized from what could be a discussion, it's a bit reactive and I miss a bit of creativity in what you think could be good ideas, and then sell them to people that come from a different perspective. As much as i like your critical analysis, writing like you're on camera may tire your audience.

At 15/12/10 10:47 am, Blogger sdm said...

Its not economic darwinism to keep within your means, and those figures are misleading as they dont include accomodation supplements etc.

How big would the deficit be if the left were in? $20B?


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