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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Only in banjo twanging, redneck loving, Cop worshipping NZ

Well, well, well - what do we have here? Isn't this a hilarious story about a NZ man being killed by the NZ Police and the cover up that happened afterwards? Why doesn't this story ever make it onto those Police TV shows?

The punchline is after the story - you'll love it...

Ex-cop heard colleague beat prisoner, court hears
A former-police officer was close to tears as he testified that he heard a colleague ''beating the crap out of'' a prisoner who escaped but was killed when he ran into the path of a truck.

Reuben James Harris told the High Court at Auckland yesterday that he and his partner Benson Murphy ''colluded'' to erase any mention of the beating by off-duty officer Constable Clinton Lyall Hill that preceded the death of George Tipene Harris on October 3, 2004.

Hill, 35, is on trial for assaulting George Harris and perverting the course of justice by lying to investigating officers and, on oath, to a coroner's inquest.

Reuben Harris, who resigned from the police before his part in the alleged cover-up was detected, told the court he and Murphy were flagged down in their patrol car by Hill early on the morning of October 3.

Hill, who was off-duty and had been drinking, had earlier arrested George Harris, 24, after Harris tried to grab his cellphone from him on a Manurewa street.

Reuben Harris told the court Hill directed him to drive behind a nearby bank where Hill started assaulting the prisoner in the back of the car and then continued outside the vehicle.

''I heard a connection of skin behind me. I heard verbal swearing from Mr Hill and I heard the connection of skin,'' he said, demonstrating by punching his fist into his hand.

Stuart Grieve, QC, asked if he intervened.

''No, I didn't. I just didn't do anything. I should have but I didn't... I don't know why.''

George Harris managed to escape but died after being hit by a truck as he ran down the centre of Great South Rd, pursued on foot by Hill.

So George Tipene Harris is killed when he is hit by a truck after escaping an illegal beating he was receiving in a Police Car by an off duty drunk cop and get this - oh you will fucking love this - the cop who handed out the beating was found NOT GUILTY of manslaughter.

This bullshit attempt at justice being played out now is a joke when the cop who handed out the beating George Tipene Harris was killed trying to escape walks free.

That's right, this fucking cop can beat the shit out of George Tipene Harris in the back of a fucking squad car while two other gutless cops turn a blind eye, Harris escapes the beating, runs into the path of a street-sweeper and is killed, and the cop get’s off.

Only in fucking banjo twanging, redneck loving, Cop worshipping NZ ladies and gentlemen.


At 1/12/10 11:53 am, Blogger Bomber said...

post again anon so i can trace your isp

At 1/12/10 5:33 pm, Blogger franky said...

these sorts of thuggish behaviours come as no surprise when 88%of police are recruited solely on thier ability to out bash anyone and outthug thugs(no brains required to operate tasers, pepper sprays,fire off guns willy nilly,and come to think of it dress up like silly willie V fuckin C)the other 12% are paranoic nutjobs, when they're not scheming up revenue gathering scams, bungling investigations and making up spin for thier thugs violent behaviours, theyre spying on each other and thier missuses. franky says


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