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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Manufactured crises at The Hobbit AND the $6000 limo bill

Warner Bros bosses travel in style, costing taxpayers $6000
Film executives who jetted in for crisis talks over The Hobbit were ferried around in government cars at a cost of almost $6000.

The Warner Bros bosses were given VIP treatment, including swift clearance at customs.

Documents obtained under the Official Information Act and posted on the No Right Turn blog show the red-carpet treatment was ordered by the office of Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee.

So after being manipulated into blaming the actors union for the most obvious manufactured crises of 2010 with Peter Jackson winning best support actor for a commercial negotiating tactic, we also had to pay the $6000 limo bill? WTF?

You know that the Warner Bros Executives laughed long and hard on their flight back to Hollywood after screwing us so royally over this manufactured crises.

I bet they refer to us as 'Shirefolk'.


At 11/12/10 8:28 am, Blogger sdm said...

Seriously clasping at straws. Thats the way you treat people who you want to do business with.

At 12/12/10 12:35 am, Blogger JDK said...

Oh, the day where a foreign company can have a country, write laws to suit, that alone should be a concern for everyone, just how easy it is to manipulate this govt. Bangbros will be calling keys next.


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