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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Key's promise not to privatize not worth spit

Oh John Key won't fully privatize state assets? Yeah Right!

Savings, welfare top election agenda
Moves to boost household savings and an overhaul of the welfare system are set to top the Government's agenda heading into next year's election, Prime Minister John Key has revealed. He has also ruled out the complete sale of any state-owned assets if National wins a second term, saying that if the Government campaigns on any asset sales policy at the next election, it will be to offload minority holdings only.

Why is John Key's word bullshit?

Remember what he said about not increasing GST?

He lied through his teeth about raising GST, he is lying through his teeth about not privatizing state assets. He fooled you once, shame on him, if he fools you twice, shame on you.

In the Hollow Men, the National Party call this 'inoculating' issues but making some vague promise in a media that is ill-equipped to be critical. Don Brash did it when he announced on bFM of all places that he had met with Exclusive Brethren and Key is doing it here in a bloody question and answer segment on stuff.co.nz of all bloody places.

What you can be certain of though is that he will implement the ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gangs bash the dirty filthy bennie plan. Oh you can be sure of that.


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