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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Exploitation for a good cause?

Breast campaign crashes website
The lure of breasts has crashed the nzgirl website and divided opinion.

In a campaign aimed at raising both money and awareness for breast cancer, nzgirl is asking Kiwi women to "get their tits out for the girls", and post photos of their breasts on the website.

For every 50 photos uploaded, nzgirl has promised to donate $1000 to breast cancer research.

Hmmm, what can one say about the 'get your tits out for the girls' campaign for breast cancer? I know Jenene Freer, we were on the Youthline Board of Trustees together and she is a smart entrepreneur with a genuine desire to do good, but i'm not sure exploitation is what cancer funding needs.

Yes we've all seen naked calenders to raise funds for this charity or that charity, and they are mostly pretty harmless, but asking punters on what was predominately a website aimed at teenage girls to post up pictures of their breasts for a 'good cause' seems a stretch. In their defense NZ girl say they are no longer aimed at teenage girls with the majority of their readers now over 18 years of age, and what a consenting woman wishes to do with her breasts isn't any business of mine to complain about, but breast cancer seems to require more substance than bare exploitation for online peeping and the editing of women down to merely sexualized objects for a good cause to justify increased online traffic.

I can't wait to see what NZ Girl plans to do for cervical cancer.


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sweet jesus please not,


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