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Monday, December 13, 2010

Degenerative ACC

Why does this Government want to destroy ACC? National have been planning to privatize ACC all along, Merrill Lynch told the Australian Insurance Shark Industry that National’s privatization of ACC would be a $200 million bonanza for them in July of 2008, that was months before ‘Cullen’s hole’ was used as the excuse to privatize. The Pricewaterhouse Coopers report points out our ACC system works better than many other examples around the world.

From the beginning National have lied about their true intentions on ACC, the second Nick got the portfolio he was gagging ACC from talking at the select committee meeting which was trying to ascertain the truth of his claims that ACC was in the crises he painted and now National have decided to abuse sexual abuse survivors by forcing them to say they are mental before they can get any counseling. This is ideology before people and it’s appalling.

So that was the start, then we get ACC deciding that rape wasn't included for ACC counselling based on dodgy research from a questionable source who claimed counselling was a bigger threat than the actual rape. We went from helping almost 94 per cent of sexual abuse victims almost a decade ago to not helping almost 90 per cent of them. National decided to deny rape victims ACC counseling based on research from professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, a woman married to the son of Centrepoint community leader and convicted paedophile Bert Potter. Her work has been described as a rapists charter and an apologist position that denies any real harm from sexual abuse.

So now ACC has decided any damage occuring to anyone over 40 is 'degenerative' and nothing to do with the accident...

MPs urged to probe ACC's 'no' doctors
An Auckland lawyer has asked Parliament for an independent investigation into what he says is a small group of doctors being used by the Accident Compensation Corporation to reject claims on grounds of pre-injury "degenerative" conditions.

National have tried from the beginning to manaufacture a crises in ACC so they can sell it, it seems the plan now is to generate so much anger at ACC's bullshit service so that its privatization isn't seen as an issue. It's called the 'TVNZ strategy'.


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