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Friday, December 10, 2010

China threatens NZ over party we aren't even going to

Pressure from China to boycott Nobel ceremony
China pressured New Zealand not to send a representative to the award ceremony for Nobel Peace prize winner and jailed pro-democracy activist Liu Xiaobo.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said that Chinese Government officials asked New Zealand to stay away from the ceremony in Oslo this week, but the approach was pointless as New Zealand did not normally send a representative to the event.

"My advice was that we normally wouldn't [go], and I haven't asked us to do anything that we wouldn't normally do," he said.

We aren't even going to this party and China is trying to bully and threaten us not to go? How needy and insecure is this bloody country? Whoa, China, back the shit up, we aren't even going to this bloody party, after the furore over Pansy Wong, Ministers are only allowed to catch the bus anywhere now, you think we could send anyone to bloody Oslo?

If this is how bullying China is over a party we aren't even going to, how would they be if they owned our productive farm land? Oh and hasn't that offer gone swimmingly?

Frontwoman in Crafar bid goes bankrupt
May Wang, the woman fronting the Chinese-backed Natural Dairy bid to buy 16 Crafar farms, has been made bankrupt despite a last-minute bid to defer the High Court proceedings pending new evidence. Associate judge Hannah Sargisson said that making Ms Wang bankrupt, while not an easy decision, was correct "in the interests of justice".


At 10/12/10 11:16 am, Blogger Geoff said...

You think this is bad? Wait til the New Citizens (Central Committee) Party kicks off..


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