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Friday, December 10, 2010

Assange woke up Smaug the Dragon

What is most fascinating about what has been reveled by wikileaks is the perverse belief from American diplomats that they somehow are the most wise and most skilled in tempering the planets ills. The smug certitude of American interests reeks through each cable to almost gag level. The supposed list of International American interests deemed to be America's by mere right of flickering interest for their consumer culture standard of living uber alles wasn't a super market shopping list for terrorists, it was eagle headed pin pricks on a map they deem as commercial value for them for their maintenance of the Washington Consensus. That wasn't a target list for Osama Bin Laden, it was the globalization schematics of the Military Industrial Complex defacto empire counting its pennies. After such a history of serial failure around the globe, America has no right to such moral high ground.

The unperceived arrogance in their free speaking cables is the most staggering indictment on an economic and cultural hegemony in decline, that the United States have been picked as the home of the 2011 world Press Freedom day in the very week they continued to wage their cyber war against wikileaks is proof of their undiagnosed hubris.

World Press Freedom day next year will focus on the contribution on-line media have made to holding the powerful to account, an irony not lost on Julian Assange facing sexual misconduct charges over his condom use. The Wikileaks founder may have wikileaked inappropriately in person, but shining a light on what our Governments do in our name is the most important thing any journalist can do. This is our generations battle for press freedoms because there is no way Assange can be allowed to threaten the last remaining Super Power in this way. The game of chess he is playing against America is one of the most amazing we will witness, here we have our first cyber war between an individual and a Super Power. Look at the damage to America the last 800 odd cables has been, now imagine the remaining 250 000 cables - sweet Jesus it will be like the Vietnam War coverage, everyday a new outrage, ongoing, ongoing, ongoing, never ending. The dawning magnitude of what is starting is only now waking media sensitive decision makers to the consequences of endless damning insight and it freaks them the fuck out.

Assange and wikileaks will be seen as a threat that needs utter annihilation because he disrupts the balance of power in a way no person ever has. In the real world, power is maintained by use of force and nuclear weapons and air craft carriers and large armies, in the cyber world one man can overturn a Super Power, that is a threat not realized until now and it throws the balance of power out violently.

In the Hobbit, Bilbo sneaks into Smaug's lair using his invisible ring (yes THAT ring) and steals a suit of mithril armour (yes THAT mithril armour). Smaug awakes, realizes it's missing and wrecks a dreadful vengeance on the local population.

Assange has woken Smaug and Smaug is furious.


At 10/12/10 2:20 pm, Blogger JonL said...

Have you read this Bomber?

and this

Sheds a little light on the motivations involved


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