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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Assange arrested, arraigned?

The wikileaks shit bomb over the US intel being hacked [leaked by "whistle-blowers"] and put on the internet continues with legal threats enforced against the guy behind the site.Police from where? And no, Washington Post, I'm not going to click you when you tease me.
UK. All I wanted. Don't care so much about the details of the rest of the case (because it looks trumped up) beyond observing the US having long arms when it comes to the law and pursuing their enemies. If they can "extraordinary rendition"/kidnap prisoners in communicado through Europe they can find a way to get Assange.

As for wikileaks - the site has been taken offline, but this one is up. A serious Assange character looking mysterious gives it a slightly creepy vibe. Looks like a cross between L Ron Hubbard and Liam Neeson. A bit intense. Won't help with the trial pocess - if it gets that far.The NY Times:And then there's his counter-threats - now it looks like blackmail. Not so sure how well he's playing his hand here. He's going up against Uncle Sam, not just some mild-mannered EU country's government. They are not going to take kindly to these threats.

UPDATE | 8:30AM: NY Times reporting Assange has been denied bail and will face an extradition hearing.


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