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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Woman should stay in the kitchen' speech wins Lion Club Speech competition

'Women should stay at home'
A Timaru teenager has won the Lions Club's Young Speechmaker of the Year competition for the first time.

Pleasant Point's William Struthers, 18, has won a trip to the United States and Canada to visit Lions clubs, talk about New Zealand, and present his winning speech.

His speech was about "women and why they should stay in the kitchen", and he said his main argument was that children needed a loving and caring mother at home to raise them.

What's next from the Lion Club speech competition? 'Gay people shouldn't be allowed near children', 'Maori are so lazy' and 'Slavery, why Unions have it all wrong".

Perhaps the 'Lion Club's Young Speechmaker of the year' should be renamed the 'Paul Henry Memorial Gated Community Award for Tolerance'?


At 10/11/10 10:19 pm, Anonymous Frank Macskasy said...

I predict that young William Struthers will not be very successful with women his age (unless the Amish set up a Branch in the South Island).


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