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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Will Maori take trinkets for mining their land?

Govt, iwi leaders talk mining
After its U-turn on mining in conservation land the Government is now working with iwi leaders over the possibilities of mining on Maori-owned land. Prime Minister John Key and Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee met the Iwi Leaders group last night to discuss the opportunities for mining.

Gosh whatever the mining industry paid the Government in donations for the 2008 election must have been a hell of a lot, because after their first disatrous attempt at selling this deeply flawed farce, Gerry, John and the corporate Iwi Leaders Group are trying to con maori into it.

You might recall that Gerry had used his magical mystery mining money machine based on mining lobbyist Richard Barker predictions to claim that there was $194 billion of minerals in the Coromandel (a tactic the Pentagon hilariously took up by claiming Trillions in Afghanistan). I claimed that after all the bullshit promises of billions under dem der hills, we would all find out the actual revenue would be a pittance and we would turn to Gerry asking where our cow was and he would excitedly inform us he’s swapped it for some magic beans.

Yeah well what do we get out of the $194 billion to desecrate conservation land on the Coromandel? Over ten years? 1 Billion dollars. That’s barely $100 million per year for a decade and far less than the $194 billion valuation insinuated isn’t it?

But it wasn't just the over egging of the actual money we would receive for destroying our clean green brand, it was also the vast over valuations taken from mining industry lobbyists and it was the lying about the amount of land that would be used with a failed Eden Park postcard analogy.

National told the mining industry in 2006 that they intended to mine conservation land, but didn't mention it to the public in the 2008 election, the reality is that the cheque from the mining industry has cleared and National have to give the industry something for their support, hence the attempt to con Maori into the mining fiasco.

National have a habit of using the Maori Party to cloak their policies from criticism. It's easy to attack National as the party of the Farmers and Business owners who put the interests of the rich first, but when they use the Maori Party to push these interests, it makes it less obvious and easier to con.

Will Maori take trinkets for their land again?


At 11/11/10 9:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont patronise Maori bomber. Urban liberals sipping Latte's think they know best for everyone. Go to hell.

At 11/11/10 10:05 am, Anonymous Simon said...

And you are of what demographic anon?

At 11/11/10 10:07 am, Blogger Bomber said...

1: It's soy lattes.
2: If Maori wish to be conned by these bullshit numbers, knock yourself out. So tell me Anon, is it $194 Billion worth or not?

At 11/11/10 10:21 am, Anonymous AAMC said...

Anon is on a bit of an urban liberal crusade, if it's the same anon - certainly has the same tone - he sounds more like a cop or at least an arsehole they'd like to recruit on a defamation mission rather than a law student.

At 11/11/10 11:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you want NZ to be poor?

At 11/11/10 1:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maori approached the government about this. Not the other way round. But somehow in the eyes of thios website it's the government's fault.

At 11/11/10 4:54 pm, Anonymous Richard said...

why do you want NZ to be poor?

Because poor people spend all their time working and trying to find enough to eat. Hence poor people don't have either the time or resources to challenge the wealthy or take control of their lives. And hence poor people are more likely to fooled into voting for the same right wing policies that made and keep them poor.

Why do you want NZers to be rich?

At 11/11/10 5:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Bomber wants Maori to be poor to keep them dependent on the state which strangely enough is the opposite of what the maori party stand for which is why he's opposed to Iwi talks with mining interests.

Hopefully the Iwi will tell urban liberals who profess to want to 'help' Maori by keeping them economically subserviant to fuck off with their soy lattes

At 11/11/10 10:31 pm, Anonymous TerryB said...

Anon did you actually read the discussion document on mining the conservation estate? It's thinking, or rather non-thinking, like that which has helped impoverish NZ. There was three fifths of f**k all analysis of the potential economic impact; no mention at all of the likely employment benefits and zero analysis of the possible impact on NZ's clean green brand. It didn't even mention the potential royalties on that mythical $194 billion (answer three fifths of f**k all). In short it was 60 odd pages of the equivalent of 'if we buy enough Lotto tickets we'll be rich.' I'd honestly hope that Maori would be far too shrewd to buy such crap.

At 13/11/10 5:48 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Don't confuse him with the facts Terry, Anon is happy in his breathtaking lobotomised ignorance.


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