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Monday, November 08, 2010

Why are our SAS whoring themselves off to NZ's corporate elite?

I'm the first to put the boot into that much raker Jonathan Marshall, but sweet Jesus has he scored a coup with this scoop, please God keep him out of the gutter, so what are our elite military forces doing other than hand prisoners over to torture units in Afghanistan, why they are playing guns with the corporate elite of NZ...

SAS guns for hire
BUSINESS LEADERS are paying $500 a head for secret sessions with the SAS.

A Sunday Star-Times investigation has found executives paid hundreds of dollars each for SAS firearms training and to sip cocktails with Victoria Cross war hero Corporal Willie Apiata.

Labour has branded the sessions "comical", saying "our elite force should not be charging businessmen hundreds of dollars to play war games".

A Defence spokesman said the "interaction" was just a discussion around "enhancement of leadership, culture and team dynamics... the SAS culture, ethos and values".

...what a load of bullshit, "SAS culture, ethos and values", really? And where does the playing with guns come into that then Defence spokesman? See how they automatically attempt to hide what these corporate elite were actually doing, and wasn't Direct Capital managing director Ross George quick to end the conversation when realized the SST knew what had happened...

Direct Capital managing director Ross George was reluctant to talk, saying the visit to Papakura was only "to use a room, then we returned to Auckland".

He was surprised the Star-Times was aware firearms featured. "Guns? I don't think I've ever talked about what we do at our conferences. It is private. You are on the wrong track with this, I'm not in a position to discuss it. I will just let it go, I've got to shoot."

..I bet you had to shoot Princess, folks why the fuck are our taxpayer funded SAS whoring themselves out to the Corporate Elite
of NZ? For $1000 will they do the birthday parties of Business Roundtable members next? Rather than pin the tail on the donkey will they sneak up and slit its throat? Will the bouncy castle be replaced by stress positions for questioning? How about using a snipers rifle on the clown? The SAS are highly trained killers we send in to appease large countries who demand we join their bloodbaths but can't be seen by the public to engage in, they aren't supposed to be hired out for boozy afternoons with the richest companies in NZ. Is funding so low that the SAS are considering running a cake stall?

We can't get the Government to be honest about the SAS handing over prisoners to be tortured in Afghanistan, can they please explain why we are charging cocktails and a day on the gun range with them?


At 8/11/10 7:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is funding so low that the SAS are considering running a cake stall?".......
I am sure kind donations are accepted from organisations who have the chance to rub shoulders with military professionals from a fairly serious line of business who are seen to be some of the best in the world at what they do. This goes to assist those boys families while they are away dodging bullets in all sorts places that the average kiwi would never want to go. Being paid peanuts and punching way above their weight so that less fortune people from different cultures have a chance of living in peace by eliminating threats that DO exist to us all! They do all this on behalf of the people and government of NZ, and that includes those people who for some reason think they are not at risk from terrorism and would be quite happy to sick their ignorant heads in the sand until somebody else sorts out the problem!!

At 9/11/10 12:07 am, Anonymous tao wells said...

Ignorant is right, Terrorism? That's a word and a war against it won't rub it out. Why would a rich type want to hang with Mercenaries? Cause they can see the writing on the wall. No Castle can't fall, the cage is beginning to rattle

At 9/11/10 9:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Err so what's the actual problem here?

Corporate type get entertained and the SAS promotes itself, building on its "mystique" with influential types, who wouldn't ordinarily rub shoulders with them.

Who is the victim here?

At 9/11/10 12:37 pm, Blogger Uroskin said...

Couldn't the SAS have done us all a favour by shooting the bankers?

At 9/11/10 11:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it appears they were not bankers so no.


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