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Monday, November 01, 2010

Warners Bros ‘thanks’ Peter Jackson, not since Frodo Baggins has a short hairy puppet done so much to put millions into the pockets of so few.

Studios thank John Key
The US movie studios backing filming of The Hobbit have thanked Sir Peter Jackson and New Zealanders for their support of the project.

The mainstream media's unquestioning regurgitation of hysterical union bashing as a manufactured crises negotiating tactic by Warners to extract more corporate welfare from our Merchant Banking Optimist Prime has now led last week to death threats against Unionist's, Robyn Malcolm and Helen Kelly who have done nothing more than courageously stand up for the basic human right of collective bargaining.

Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states it is a fundamental human right for people to form Trade Unions and collectively bargain, that was all the Actors Union attempted, yet watching the way they have been denigrated and proclaimed as 'damaged goods' is right out of a Paul Henry supporters character assassination wet dream.

You would need to go back to the 1950's waterfront strike to see an equivalent level of union hysteria in the mainstream media.

The real outcry should be that John Key has handed out more corporate welfare while slashing domestic welfare, yet like a pack of chumps played by the most obvious of divide and rule tactics, we got sucked into increasing our corporate welfare by over 50% more.

So much for the great deal maker, by siding with Warners Bros in the Union bashing, John Key had no choice but to simply ask, ‘how much’ when Warners Bros hard balled him for more corporate welfare.

The only thing this spiteful manufactured crises shows us is that next years election will be a level of divisive venomous politics unlike anything we’ve seen since Muldoon.

I’m sure Warners Bros thanked Peter Jackson good and hard, he’s earned his nomination for best supporting Actor in a corporate negotiating tactic.

I just bet Warners Bros Executives refer to us as 'Shirefolk' after the scam they just pulled so easily on us.


At 2/11/10 9:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny that the government can find money to assist a very large and rich corporation to make a movie yet we have to cut back on heath services


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