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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Supercity more democratic cage and aquarium than age of Aquarius

Mayor pledges to build world's most liveable city
Len Brown set out last night to transform Auckland into the world's most liveable city after being sworn in as the first mayor of the Super City.

Brothers and sisters, it’s the beginning of the Supercity, and despite the National Party and Rodney Hides attempts to steal Auckland and sell off all its assets, Len Brown pulled off a stunning landslide victory despite all the polls claiming the race was neck and neck.

More cage and aquarium than age of Aquarius, the limited democracy provided will at least act as a break peddle to the right wing appointed Council Controlled Organisations that have been stacked with private corporate interests, but it’s the best we could get with literally zero public input.

Brothers and Sisters, while we celebrate our new Supercity, let’s spare a thought for an an angry little orange oompa loompa. Rodney Hide dreamed a dream, a dream that saw local democracy eradicated and replaced with corporate interests so that he could privatize the cities assets, that dream didn’t really get off the ground despite all the underhanded methods he used to try and manipulate the outcome.

More Milli-Vanilli than Machiavelli, Rodney Hide has failed in his attempts to sell off Auckland and tonight as he reads his favourite Ayn Rand verse before bed, he’ll weep quietly. Poor, poor orange Rodney.


At 3/11/10 11:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How has Rodder failed.

We'll just let Brown continue with his high spending ways of building his overpriced light rail project and after central govnt refuses to chip in and he can't squeeze the ratepayers for fear of a tax revolt then the only place to fund his train set will be to sell off the family silver and then poor little bomber will be crying himself gently to sleep...


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