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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Right wing cop who hates public transport surprised he didn't get public transport job

Ex-mayor 'deflated' by minor position
The former North Shore Mayor and senior policeman said he was "somewhat deflated" to be told by Mr Brown he would chair the community safety forum when he wanted a public transport role.

He wondered if he was being sidelined for going public on the "crummy levels of public transport" in Otara - launching pad for the political career of Mr Brown. the the former Manukau Mayor.

In February, Mr Wood compared the Otara bus station with a prison exercise yard and hoped it was not the standard of community facility that Mr Brown intended for the rest of Auckland.

"It worries me what could happen if the Manukau standards of mediocrity were replicated across the rest of the region," Mr Wood said.

Mr Wood is a member of the right-leaning Citizens & Ratepayers ticket, which supported Mr Brown's main Super City rival, John Banks.

Somewhat deflated? A right wing ex-mayor cop who shat upon public transport and who only wants to upgrade the pathetic levels we currently have without any real expansion of public transport is 'somewhat deflated' by not getting to chair public transport? That would be like me claiming to be 'somewhat deflated' by not being offered to run the National Party election campaign next year.

There has been a large step to the left in local body elections, no more car loving road builders needed thanks. Time the right accepted that.


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